My opinion

as of now.
What psychiatry does is not good for the pasients.


No its not good, but a practical solution to the problem of mental illness.


I understand, practical solution.

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But to be honest i would have prefered to be put down. The suffering of treatment is not worth the outcome. I make the best out of sz.

I tried to put down myself many times, two times nearly successful ended in the emergency intoxication and intentional car accident. My parents caught me vomiting from overdose and forced me to go to the emergency, I wanted to die in peace at home. Now I don’t try to kill myself anymore bcz my parents cry everytime.


The suffering of treatment… I can’t comprehend it.

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No, we have to keep living looking forward. Maybe we have a purpose and they don’t tell us. Why else would they keep us alive.

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Maybe we are some kind of hope for others.

I’ve been feeling miserable lately. Just plain depressed and medicated

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What do they want you to admit ? Or are you getting punished for your honesty?

What? If anything I’m being punished for all the bad things I’ve done. I probably drank and smoke myself to the point of getting schizophrenia

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You couldn’t cope in the first place and you started smoking and drinking like me. Now you still can’t cope. Talk with someone you trust about your fears.

I feel that Ive only ever taken meds is for somebody elses benefit, not mine. More like to my detriment. I wish I was never ill, on disability, with my idiot family pushing drugs that are against anything I know or believe.


That took me 10 years to find that out about me. Actually to express it into words without getting mentally slaughtered.


Its all bad. When people dont respect you and you lost self respect, they treat you horrible. Many do at least.

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Yes, i am beggar and depend on charity. Especially when you know you just been honest to your environment.

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Psychiatry has been good for me and my mum, not perfect indeed but positive.

Honestly, I trust Donald Trumps hydroxychloroqiene or the sarcosine this site advertises more than aps to help me. But, ive still been on them due to the powers that be in my life for a long time and not finding a way out.