Thorazine finally doing something

It’s taken 2 months, but finally something is giving way. To be fair to the medication, however, I should note that it’s only been helping since my dose was raised on Tuesday.

I am subject to extreme agitation. If I’m not being combative, I’m likely asleep. I’ve been easily agitated since I was 13. Back then, I was getting put in restraints all the time. I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve been restrained. Sometimes when I’m super agitated, I’ll break things. Haven’t done that in about 2 years, but the propensity is always there, just hidden beneath the surface.

Finally after two months of getting highly pissed off at nothing, the medication has reeled me in. I’m taking 400 mg a day. It’s helped greatly with the voices and paranoia since the dose was raised from 200 mg to 400 on Tuesday. I’m liking it. The pdoc has pretty much said that if the Thorazine doesn’t work, I’m up for some more “exotic” treatments, like ECT.


I’m rooting for the Thorazine to work my friend. Wish you no ECT whatsoever.


I had a conversation with my Dad about ECT, because it was on the legal directive. Doesn’t it work best on depression? I don’t know much about it.

It worked for @SunGirl.

It’s supposed to be very effective for depression, and in many places (Australia is one) it’s the first line treatment for psychotic depression. I don’t believe it has quite the same success rate in sz, though it has worked for many treatment resistant people.

We had a user here recently, @Jenn77, I think? who was about to give it a try. I hope she can report back on whether she had it and how it went for her.

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I’m glad Thorazine worked for you, alien99. 400mg seems the right dosage for you. Keep us posted and wish you good luck in finding the right meds.

I just got put on Thorazine yesterday. I woke up to like being in a crowded room filled with people I was hearing a lot of ■■■■. But my mood is great I have a problem with getting kind of agitated too but not so much. Anyways I’m on a low dose and it’s only helping with my mood so far. also I slept great it was a miracle after not sleeping for like four days.

I wish you the best with the meds. If your pdoc does want to go the ECT route it’s really not bad. You’re asleep the whole time and it worked like a miracle for me concerning the sz. Good luck!! :sunny: