Finally Saw Doctor Today, Praise Da Lawd!

She said she can tell I’m having a very difficult time and she said to continue 10mg of Abilify for the next week. She’ll see me again next Thursday and decide what to do next.


Great news. It takes abilify 14 days to reach a steady state in your system. Just fyi.


oh lawdy lawdy lawd!

that word sounds funny. :laughing:

huhuhu! :laughing:

Great! No hospital over Christmas! You must be pleased.

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Sure am! :slight_smile: But who knows what will happen next?

Just stay positive! I know that’s not always easy, but I really think that the right attitude can make a big difference. It certainly doesn’t hurt.

Well the way I see it, I’ve been on 10mg for 3 days now, before that I was taking 5mg, I just don’t see how this is going to help!!! I need like 20mg right now, or a shot of thorazine