Quantum Physics thread

Post something interesting about quantum physics.


I recently read that black holes are actually some sort of plasma or something?


@jukebox I have no idea I’ll look into that later atm I’m trying to understand the above Yt clip.

I’m Trying to understand how time stops at the speed of light yikes

Thankyou for your contribution. :ok_hand:

everything combusts at the speed of light…I think stars that fall do that because of the speed of light.?

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I found a quantum computer course that was online

Thought would be interesting but don’t want any more student debt than I have already

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Another good question :question::open_book:, :+1:

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I d k if this is quantum physics but my geometry teacher told us that if you took a perfectly straight line and sent it into space, light years later it would come back up under the line that started in the first place…let that soak in…haha

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Yea that sounds interesting it would be cool to get lessons but if you can’t afford it there’s the option of teaching yourself.

I am trying to educate myself it’s really tough though.


That’s so confusing for me seriously I’m so slow with understanding stuff like phisycs and maths. I don’t even understand what you’re trying to say but thankyou, it’s appreciated nevertheless.

Maybe later, it will be absorbed by my brain :watch:

Last time I read physics it did not end well

Was the theories around the holographic universe that sent me down a rabbit hole!


Sorry to hear that @joker.

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I find abstract concepts like that really take over my thoughts

My head already has a holographic clarity and it straddles a line that doesn’t lead to healthy thoughts.

Sometimes it projects onto the environment

Difficult to deal with

When I am really sick, the entire world gets distorted

The thought of multiple universes, M theory and holographic arguments go some way in explaining the experiences I have had

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I’m beginning to think the same 4 me. It’s happened once before. I should avoid these kind of topics too if they trigger me.

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In Electrical Engineering at uni we did electron tunneling in Quantum Physics. I can’t remember it exactly, but I think that the electron’s position was probablistic, and it could appear (teleport) on the other side of a
(very) small barrier, just by chance.

This was a known problem in semiconductors where the transistors are nanometers in size and the electrons can ‘leak’ through parts of the transistors where the barriers were thin.


Paging @AppleKidd and @zwolfgang


Haha, Wolf would definitely be able to lecture on quantum phenomena - he’s an expert @ThePoet @zwolfgang

I’m still a novice!

I haven’t got to the quantum mechanics modules as of yet but I do read around it a little bit, the electrical engineer above is correct - it’s very probabilistic!!!

Edit: trying to start this book properly to be able to gauge things better


To avoid feeling overwlhemed and going down rabit holes, always stick to reliable journalism !!

Wiki is only safe for people who know what theyre reading otherwise its a rabithole for example

My fact or contribution is that; Quantum physics deals with ‘tiny’ particles only, so stuff like atoms and smaller :grin:

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Anybody know about how quantum physics and free will are connected?

I read a page in the Oxford handbook of free will and it seems like determinism is out ???