This website has helped me immensley

I’m an obsessive person and now all I really think about is my cognition, mood, and paranoia. I think if I can get this stuff right everything else will fall into place. These probably would have been my grades my first day I was on this website on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best.

Cognition- 4
Mood- 6
Paranoia- 2

Now if I were to grade myself today this is what I would give myself

Cognition- 7
Mood- 10
Paranoia- 8

My overall strategy of supplements and therapy is so much better because of this website. Knowing that other people have the same issues as me has really helped. Understanding how smart I am and my functioning level was a major boost. Watching other people grind out their issues and act gracefully has really helped. I’ve come to the conclusion that most of my paranoia and delusions were selfish because I was lacking knowledge.

I have more respect for the psychiatric profession. I don’t think all this stuff is BS anymore. I really appreciate that the people with PTSD didn’t have an issue with me. Most my issues stem from playing sports with faulty equipment. I’ve told people without PTSD about my problems and they thought I was the biggest wimp on the planet. Those days of hopelessness, not getting any better, and pain caused me to lose touch with reality. It happened for years. I’m still not sure what to call it.

Thanks to everyone on this website for their help and support.


I’m glad your doing much better being on here! It’s helped me so much that now I feel completely normal 97% of the time! Glad I met you too! Love having conversations with ya but you start your threads way before I wake up so I miss most of it lol.


@SailorTheFox59 we are going to have a good time when the world cup starts. Good luck to Germany. I’m glad I met you too.


Good to hear you found your combo of meds, @TheBest. Hope it works out for you, mate.

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Yeah we’re gunna have a blast in the summer!

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I think my improvement in cognition can be attributed to your help @DNA

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Not a problem. “Each 1, Teach 1”

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I love this!!! Yay

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Forgot to mention I’ve lost 22 lbs since I started visiting this website.


I’m glad you’re doing much better than before.

I think my mood has improved a lot since joining this website. Lots of sound advice for all kinds of topics available here, who’d have thunk it?

I’ve lost 30 lbs since being active on the site, although that’s mostly down to a change in diet, but this site has helped keep me occupied when I’d be hungry or thinking about snacking.

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@TheBest, what are you using for cognitive boosts?


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