My psychologist thinks this site isn't helpful for me but I think it is

He said that it reinforces my delusions but I tried to explain him that it doesn’t. I’m so conflicted whether I should stay on this site or not. I think it’s helpful. It doesn’t make me feel so lonely.

What do you guys think?

I dont think we encourage delusions here


Neither do I. I tried to tell him but I think he may mean that when I talk about what’s going on for me it’s reinforcing it in my brain. But I know I’m not delusional!

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You are. Your cheese is so far off its cracker it’s on the opposite end of the kitchen.

Don’t expect to get better until you accept that you’re ill and need treatment.

@princess you receive very honest feedback about your delusions on this site. I think it’s helpful for you to hear this feedback from folks who have also suffered from delusions and who have successfully sought treatment and overcome their delusions.


I haven’t seen a single person on here who has been reinforcing your delusions. Everyone is telling you to listen to your doctors and that you are very ill. Sometimes that advice is most meaningful coming from people who have been through what you have.


@velociraptor I don’t know if I can ever exceptsd that. It’s complex to explain but basically I don’t believe in mental illness.

I’m sorry guys I’m just a bit to upset at the moment to reply. I just feel like I’m in agony. Hell. Nightmare. Traumatized. :cry: sorry for feeling sorry for feeling sorry for myself.

If you don’t believe in mental illness what are you doing here? I think a part of you deep down inside sees that your thinking is off.


Don’t worry about feeling sorry for yourself. We all have done that. I think this site is a valuable resource for you. Here people can challenge some of your unreasonable beliefs. In my opinion it is more effective for you to get feedback here than it is from your pdoc. Psychiatrists can come across as very arrogant. When I had a psychiatrist any time he challenged my beliefs I would think - “What does he know?” On this site you can get feedback from people who have experienced something similar to what you have experienced.


I’m here because I’m lonely and you guys are the only ones who understand. Everyone else just brushes me off like I’m crazy. Probably deep down I don’t know. All I know is I can’t keep liVing like this

I realize you’re new here, but please don’t fuel the delusions of those who are ill.

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So I guess he just wants you to repress all your thoughts completely and all at once? Sounds like bull ■■■■. That could do serious harm to your psyche and would probably make things worse.

Like other’s have said here, we don’t reinforce your delusions. We actively deny them as they come up or just flat out ignore them as we should.


We understand. Please also understand that we believe you can recover if you accept treatment for your illness, that we want to see you recover and experience happiness, and that we want this both for you and your son. Okay?

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They have forced an olanzipine injection on me. I still feel the same. I bet they really put anti rejection meds in it for the hands. If I was truly I wouldn’t still have the issues. Or things would be getting better not worse.

Relax. You do present some serious danger signs and it’s no suprise your on high watch.

Please. Just behave yourself and let the medical people do their job.

I went to the hospital thinking I was Jesus once! Even now I see the logic of it…Even had the long hair. Nothing will change your mind in the state your in so I’ll desist.

Relax. Behave!


Those things take time to build up in your system (anti psychotics, that is) it might take weeks or even months before you yourself feel a noticeable difference. Give it time


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