This tension and irritability are getting out of hand

I’m not sleeping well, I think I’m getting around 4 hrs a night this last week. My head is constantly full of dialogue. It’s not that I’m hearing voices, it’s just that I’m so angry at the world and all it’s problems that I spend most of my time in my own mind ranting and raving to imaginary people in my head about all the crap that’s going on in every walk of life and I’m getting myself really worked up and angry over it. I’m constantly snapping at my boyfriend, I can be laughing about something one minute then something pisses me off and I’m in a rage. I have this horrible physical feeling of pressure in my head and that no matter how many huge gulps of air I take I can’t get enough air. The tension is as physically uncomfortable as it is mentally. I honestly don’t get what’s going on with me at the moment. I feel like I’m intellectually superior to almost every other person and that the vast majority of people are going around with the wool pulled over their eyes, I’m the only one who can see the truth and it’s driving me crazy that I can’t do anything about it all because no one else seems to care that the world is falling apart around us.

@Turquoise, You sound like your mood is very elevated. I would contact your pdoc if I were you.

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I’ve just had a massive fall out with my sister over the phone, we never fall out, but she said something that annoyed me and I ended up screaming at her and hanging up. I feel justified but angry and upset over it. This isn’t me. If this is mania it’s not the type I’m familiar with, but something definitely isn’t right. You’re right, I’ll ring my cpn tomorrow.

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