Extreme Irritability - Here we go again

Starting to wake up in very bad moods again.

The kind of mood where I am starting to Hate everyone, and have very little patience for people - I have been feeling irritable for a couple of days.

Starting to feel hatred, more than usual against my shallow sister in law, who is a good for nothing materialistic free loader.

Dont have the patience or feel the need to be around family members etc…

I mean if this continues, Ill tell my psychiatrist, but I really dont know what she can do - I am not about to take more meds.

Maybe its a bit of depression - the days are getting a bit darker - the weather has not been the greatest as well.

Getting really tired of this ■■■■! :angry:

Sometimes expressing anger is good. It allows you to get it out. I learned in therapy that fear underlies anger. Are you fearful?

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Can relate to the irritability

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I have tons of fears - sure.

I have a feeling that i am starting to get depressed again, I love the Autumn, but the darker days really gets to me.

Some people get more irritable when they are depressed.

I really dont know why I am feeling all this hatred and anger - just guessing, isnt that what psychiatry is all about?

A lot of guess work.

I’m in the same boat today. Not good. Coffee makes things much worse for me when it comes to irritability, so maybe cut down/out for a while.

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Yeah good idea, maybe I will limit my coffee intake to 2 cups today

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I’m angry that my mom wastes the money I give her. That’s the only thing I’m angry about. I wish I could give her less money.

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I know what you mean @Wave I have those days too. We just need to remember everyone has their issues, as we have ours, and life is just a ride.

Hope you feel better.

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Thanks @Minnii - you are too kind

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I’m feeling the same way today. I have an urge to pick fights and argue today for some reason. :rage:

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It’s good that you recognize it. I had to set up rules for myself because I never naturally recognize “I am irritable.” Instead I naturally land on “Everyone is irritating!”

Nothing else works for me but getting time alone and rest. I just say it exactly like that: I’m feeling irrationally irritated and I need to go now. My family was a little o_O when I first did it but now understand and appreciate it.

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hamster :hamster: hug.
i know how you feel. :heart:
take care :alien:

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On PychiatricTimes.com there is a piece on escalating doses of prescription drugs. Basically, if the clinical dose does not have any effect, a higher dosage has been demonstrably shown to fail just as equally in stopping SZ symptoms.

Despite this new information, doctors today still use the “more is better” technique. If only they had to feel the symptoms of these AP’s combined with SZ, they’d be rebuked.

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