**** this -noises

I went to bed . The noises started . About an hour before I’d gone into the bedroom to put my sleep wear on . There’d been a rhythmic tapping on the window (my flat’s on the 1st floor) . The noises when in bed were loud ,cracking noises . I get very uneasy with noises I can’t explain why and where they’re coming from.


I feel for you buddy. I had similar experiences for about 6 months last year. Sounds and burning smells.

Luckily for me they went away on their own.

Do you have headphones?

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I get uneasy or even afraid when I cant explain noises.

Unfortunately no headphones . It’s a good idea though .

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Same here. It ramps up my paranoia.

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Are they hallucinations, do you think? It helps to listen to music. I listen to punk rock. It’s better for the music to have words.

I don’t think they are hallucinations , but I don’t dismiss the possibility.

Could it be your house settling? My house makes cracking noises from settling.

I have ‘spongy’ floorboards that can make a slight creaking noise when I step on them. That’s nothing like the noise I’ve previously described though .

That would frighten me as well @firemonkey.
Make sure they aren’t hallucinations.

I think we just perceive noises as loud. Sometimes the TV can be so loud (although turned to the minimum volume) and it could be really unbearable for me.
Is this like coming from your bedside? Or the window? Or bugs?
If it is not a hallucination it might be a small noise that neurotypicals don’t normally hear…

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This happens to me as well. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is screaming at me and I can’t do anything about it but try to ride it out.

In the case of sensory overload, I find that playing music often makes the problem worse. Do you think you could just take a nap or something?

I try to ride it out sometimes. But like the snores of my dad or like…anything else can make me overloaded with sensory issues. This is why I don’t like genres that are generally loud.

Tapping noise was from the window direction . Other noise- it was hard to tell .

It’s hard to tell how much this is anxiety driven ,acute sensitivity or something worse . Whichever , I fully accept my reaction to noises isn’t exactly normal . It’s certainly messing with my sleep . Got up because it sounded as though light switches were being flicked .

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