Loud knocking sound

Man, I was asleep in my bedroom.
Maybe half awake and half asleep.
Then out of the blue I was awoken by this loud knocking sound at my door.
It scared the ■■■■ out of me!
I thought it was my Dad but he was sound asleep.
My first Auditory Hallucination in a long while.
Even if it might have been Hypnagogic.


Yeah those are a bit startling.
I get those kind of noises or someone shouting my name or something when im almost asleep quite often

I think those are hypnagogic

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Usually not a good sign for me.
Hypnagogic hallucinations mean Auditory hallucinations are around the corner.

Is there any chance it could have been a real knocking sound ?

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Oh, man,

Those are the worst.

We’re so vulnerable in that half asleep state,

Every time I’m just about to dose off, I see something strange or hear unsettling noises from behind my headboard.

I hate it.

However, knocking is a very common sound, it could have been real.

Do you have wood floors?

My house does, and they are super noisy.

The change in temperature causes creeks and snaps all the time, and acorns falling on the deck sound like knocks.

It is getting to be fall…


I get knocking on the window, run around the house trying to find where it is coming from, sad really

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I’m sure it was Hypnagogic.
I asked my father and he said that he never knocked on my door.
My Mom is not capable of leaving her bed without assistance, so it wasn’t her.

I’ve had these type of hallucinations before so I’m not surprised.

I’ll mention it to my pdoc when I see her.


Yes we have wooden floors but the knocking sound came from my door and it was loud.

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