Scary wind noises

I keep thinking I am hearing voices though I can’t understand them. I venture to the place of the sound and it’s just the wind. It’s unnerving; I am about to use earplugs. If I still hear them then, I’ll be more unnerved.

Has this or something similar happened to you?


Yeah. I call it a distortion rather than a true hallucination, because it’s a real stimuli but your perception of it is warped. Most commonly I get visual distortions, which is where you are looking at an actual physical object but it looks like something completely different or scary, but I do also get auditory distortions where I hear an actual sound but mishear it as something strange. I’ve thought the wind was screaming before, or I mishear something as heavy breathing or something similar. When I was a kid my heartbeat sounded just like footsteps and I would get nervous that someone was walking to my room.


Thank you, Anna. That makes sense, we live several lots from anyone, so if voices were that close, they’d be trespassing and I would find that odd. So, I suspected they were auditory hallucinations but then when I went to find them, they just ran off like a bunch of sissies. But it makes sense that they were distortions rather than hallucinations because the wind noise is very audible today. So, I don’t need to frighten my husband with hallucination stories.

I remember having problems like that as a kid. If yours were terrifying like mine were terrifying, I am truly sorry. Those were rough times.

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Yeah it was worse back then because I had no awareness of my illness. Thankfully now I can reason through a lot of things. Sorry you had that scary experience today!

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I feel better now, thanks :slight_smile: I guess we can always be grateful for improved awareness over time.

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