This lump on the palm of my hand is starting to look slightly discolored

And I’m a bit worried. I have an appt. with my nurse practitioner in three days. If it’s cancer, I will accept all treatment except amputation. Without a right hand, I won’t be able to feed, dress, or clean myself and piano will be out of the question. As far as death is concerned, I’m ready to go. I want to meet my Maker and be with my son again.


Let us know what they say. I hope everything will be ok.

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I also experienced this kind of fear before, just believe everything will finally be OK.God will bless you.

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You will still be able to feed, dress and clean yourself, it’ll just be harder and take some adjustment. Prosthetic hands are also an option :slight_smile:

But let’s not cry before the milk is spilled. Even if it is cancer, there are lots of treatment options.


If I had a prosthetic right hand, I would have to learn how to play the piano all over again, from scratch probably. I don’t want to do that. I already had to do that once before when I went on Risperdal shots. I won’t do it again. I would honestly rather die.

Not cry before the milk is spilled, this is very positive.


You are right.15151515

Oh no! I hope everything goes ok. I hope its a minor affliction.

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don’t worry about amputation…this will probably be fixed by a dermatoligist…

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It is strange that it is in your palm :thinking:

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Id get it checked out by a Dr. Better safe than sorry.

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I know. I am awfully prone to anxiety about everything.


don’t worry too much. It’ll be okay. It’s not as bad as you think. (lyrics from a song)

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I’m sure things will be fine @SkinnyMe!
Hang in there!

Sounds like you might be catastrophizing (thinking of worst possible scenarios).It might just be a growth or injured spot getting darker as it heals. You’ll know better in a few days at your appt. In the mean time try not to focus on it for your own comfort. Read a good book or play your keyboard or something you enjoy.

I go in the 19th to see if a small bump on my head is cancer. It did cross my mind for a few seconds that I’m 57 and I’ve had schizophrenia for 38 years and I’m so tired of life with dealing with other peoples bullsit and my own bullsit that maybe dying of cancer wouldn’t be bad.

Thats what I thought for a few seconds and then I came to my senses. I don’t want to die at all. I have come so far in my recovery and made great strides and life gets good and I’ve worked hard for what I got. Nope, I got to keep going, I sense my future will have good things happening to me. I want to stick around and see how my life plays out. I’m here to stay.

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I understand you are worried. I feel like I would like to die sometimes too. I just hope this feeling does not get out of control with me–or you, or with others here. I felt that way this evening but I got to talk it out.

Is it painful. I have lumps on my palms but they don’t bother me any. I just figured it was the product of having working hands. ( I majored in piano). My lumps are not painful, are not hard, are about the size of a pea and are color slightly paler than the surrounding flesh. They’ve been there for years.:slightly_smiling_face:

The palm of the hand would be an unusual place to have a cancer.

It should be checked out, but most likely it will be alright.

Well, everybody. I had a three view Xray of my right hand and there is nothing abnormal about the views according to my NP. So, good news. Thanks everyone for your concern.