This just in!


It’s not biological in origin.

Someone please set us free from these people.

They can do things to your mind.

I repeat! It isn’t biological in origin so stop looking in that direction.

Medications shut off certain functions in the brain that are being tampered with or one could say hijacked if they wanted to.

Help! We’re actually being murdered! It’s not even a disease! It isn’t biological in origin!

The cause of schizophrenia. It was them the whole time. Anyone?!

Oh my ■■■■ they are actually going to keep studying it as if it were biological. Oh my ■■■■. It’s a murder you scientific ■■■■■■■ morons! What the hell are they talking about? Past traumas, bumps on the head, drugs, genetics, vitamin deficiencies, it’s all ■■■■■■■■. The cause was the ones doing it to us.

It’s not biological in origin!


It isn’t a belief. This is news.

Is it so hard to believe? Your mind is a computer, and computers can be hacked and altered and tampered with. You can do many things with a human brain and none would ever know would they.

This is real freaking news here. Schizophrenia isn’t biological at all in origin, the origin of this is the evil ■■■■ doing it to us.

You want to know how to cure it? Killing these evil ■■■■! Once these evil ■■■■ are dead you’ll find there aren’t many schizophrenics around all of a sudden.


Just think of all of the things you can do to a human brain.

Alter this or that, screw with memory functions, the brain is a machine. Our brains have been hijacked and tampered with.

They proved it to. They have proven something else is going on and this is not a disease in the least.


We are talking genetics.
DNA that has taken in everything from it`s evironment from thousands of years ago. It gets into our DNA. Couple that with all sorts of toxins, drugs, unhealthy eating…
Now, and from long past.
Not to mention drug abuse, head injuries, stress that your parents and grandparents had to deal with.
The meds we have now is all there is…for now.
If our brains were machines, they could be fixed easily.