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By shutting down, locking/deleting topics or posts as referred to here:

Folks, this conversation is wandering a bit far afield. The best way to rile up your symptoms is to play with them in the ways being encouraged here. Worse, there’s some bad advice that will likely trigger vulnerable members. Shutting this thread down for that reason.

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Please note that while we encourage open discussions we do not support posts that can trigger or otherwise cause another member to become more delusional. Please do not post or respond in a way that would further delusional thinking. If a member is looking for support on how to cope with a symptom then giving ideas of reference that would play into or further that delusion is not supported. Such posts will be deleted.

While some people respond to doctors and medications and choose that route, others have been healed by a variety of spiritual/religious/shamanistic type practice. those practices often include things mentioned in that topic and others…things that are continually referred to here as ‘delusional thinking’ ‘ideas of reference’ etc.

Seems by censoring topics and posts like this it is cutting off an avenue of healing that is utilized, and utilized successfully by some percentage of people with mental health diagnoses.

I know I am not the only one, there are others, and links have been posted from time to time about people who were healed by shaman or spiritual practices.

So what about the people for whom doctors and medications don’t work? they exist. they are a part of this.

There are people who would view the mind set that there can only be doctors and meds and anything else is delusional as a delusion since the belief leaves no room for alternative treatments.

On the flip side I have had people here and on other groups in the past tell me to take meds, go see a doctor, etc. I don’t let it bother me. I know what works for me me tried and proven. In the same way if a person isn’t into the spiritual/religious/shaman stuff, why do they let it bother them so much?

Is there not room for more than one avenue of healing ?


This is a site based on science and evidence.




The evidence stands in that some people have experienced success with the alternative practices. That is evidence.

Some aspects of metaphysics are applied in the practices I have mentioned…

Much recent work has been devoted to analyzing the role of metaphysics in scientific theorizing. Alexandre Koyré led this movement, declaring in his book Metaphysics and Measurement, “It is not by following experiment, but by outstripping experiment, that the scientific mind makes progress.”[30] Imre Lakatos maintained that all scientific theories have a metaphysical “hard core” essential for the generation of hypotheses and theoretical assumptions.[31] Thus, according to Lakatos, "scientific changes are connected with vast cataclysmic metaphysical revolutions


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I feel like spiritual beliefs and delusions get really tricky. It’s like if I talk to people who believe in demons they’re like “oh you’re not sick you just have a demon problem” but doctors would be like “oh you’re just sick” and it’s confusing. I don’t know what to believe a lot of times.

I do agree that last night interacting with the demon probably wasn’t the best thing for me to be doing though, so I understand why they shut the thread down.


From my perspective, people place an almost religious faith in science. It’s ironic because you can identify the parallels between early religious faith and modern science. For example, the Bible was written in obscure languages which the people couldn’t decipher and relied on a priest to intercede in spiritual matters, much like the almost superhuman faith we place in scientists and doctors.

Granted, science has made tremendous progress — this is incontestable. I don’t think that progress has translated into all scientific pursuits, though. If we look at the progress on schizophrenia, it is less than impressive.

Almost every day there is a new theory about the causes and origins of schizophrenia. Is it a brain disease, is it a chemical imbalance, is it a gut disease, is it an autoimmune disorder, is it a form of autism, is it a form of Alzheimers. It goes on and on. There are more questions than answers, and the answers that have been provided are inadequate or flat-out incorrect.

Meanwhile, people continue to place their faith and hope in science. Doctors lock people in hospitals, pump them full of drugs, pretending they have an answer for our condition without any discernible proof they know what they’re doing!


Yes. The Internet has more sites than this one. If you find the rules here are too stringent, feel free to try a different community or perhaps even create your own. I’m currently hosting over 45 Web sites for a mere $3/mth at, so it’s not exactly expensive to do the latter if you are so inclined.

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