I need to vent

But @ninjastar is obsessed with locking my threads. Why?

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I like ninja’s posts, but I don’t understand why should someone lock my threads

My guess is it’s because your threads aren’t recovery oriented. You’re not asking for help to break the delusions, you are simply rambling about them.
May I suggest blogspot.com?


OK, Nova. I see

@Pikasaur has it 100% correct. You encourage delusions in others, and don’t seek help overcoming yours. When you break the rules like that, I have to step in.

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I have nothing against you, Om.
I just worry you’re heading deeper down the rabbit hole when you embrace the delusions like that

I never encourage delusions in others.
That’s unfair.
Anyway. Lock this too. I won’t participate anymore. Sorry if i am the problem

You definitely were encouraging delusions. Entertaining and speculating on whether they could be real is encouraging them.

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Your not the problem I enjoy your posts

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