If you dont like my post dont comment

If you dont like the post dont comment! Why waste your time trolling someones post. My post is in the unusual beliefs section which is created for that type of post. How can someones post bother you? I dont understand. I’m done with this site.


I like your posts.


The point of unusual beliefs is often to find help being talked out of a delusion. Encouraging delusions is frowned upon even in the Unusual Beliefs section. I agree nobody should call you a troll but if someone is trying to tell you it’s a delusion, it’s probably because they are trying to help you. Feeling like you’re being watched all the time is a horrible feeling and a lot of us just want you to feel better so you’re not under so much stress anymore.


They keep a fairly short leash on the unusual beliefs section here.

Maybe it is a tightrope between letting people discuss their illness and trying not to cause additional illness. :man_shrugging:


I appreciate that. Maybe I should back off the posts a little bit. Maybe not be so much in denial with my illness.


Understandable 151515

I really thought I was being followed and I stopped thinking that a couple years ago. Nobody has contacted me or tried anything on me since then, so my life quality has been a lot better. It’s incredible how much it seems like it’s true at the time though.

Don’t feel bad, it’s just the way the illness works. What we don’t want is for you to go looking for a camera because people have injured themselves very badly trying to do that.


The problem with your posts is:

  1. You spam the forum with the exact same post. Over and over. It annoys people.

  2. You ignore that it’s a delusion and keep asking for people to encourage or confirm your delusion. You delight in it when someone with the same delusion answers and compare notes.

Try talking about something else or actually participate in other discussions


I wont, thanks.

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