This is really sad

As Donald Trump is giving his nation gop speech on fox news I’m scared to think because I’m scared my thoughts will come through his mouth… And everyone will hear.

I almost know this is a delusion but I honestly doubt it. Having issues right now. I’m waiting till he’s done so I can get in the shower cause what if my shower thoughts are heard on national TV and the president gets mad I ruined his speech.

Is anyone watching the speech hearing me make him mess up? Or hearing weird things

He’s not the president yet! Sorry you’re having issues with this, it must be overwhelming. I assure you he’s not broadcasting your thoughts. Hope you feel better, friend. :slight_smile:

He will be the president… Hahah better be.

This sucks. Like I wish other people had this problem and we could talk about it outloud. Because its kind of funny. “Shh be quiet, don’t make him say that! Lol” haha idk.

I’m voting for Gary Johnson, former New Mexico Republican Governer. The only candidate other than Trump and Hilary that will be on the ballot in all 50 states. He only has 12% of the vote right now but if he gets 15% he’ll be in the debates. I got my Gary Johnson for president bumper sticker shipped to me in the mail today.

I’ve never even heard of him… Wth… Lol

If Trump starts singing and shaving his legs on stage, then I will believe he’s channeling you from the shower. :wink:

Until then, don’t worry about it.


Hahahaha. What a funny thought. Thanks for the laugh :slight_smile:


Yeah most people haven’t. He was on Bill maher’s show the other day

watch if you wanna know more about him.

I suppose the only problem is he’ll take more votes away from Trump, than he will from Hilary? And i prefer trump over hilary. But I’m voting for what I believe in. And I live in an overwhelming blue state so my vote doesn’t really matter at the end of the day.

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All votes matter! Lol
I actually really like trump. But his wife annoys me. She’s some supermodel or whatever and she’s not even pretty. And her English sucks. Her accent annoys tf out of me.

She plagairized Michelle Obama’s speech, like c’mon now…if you’re gonna plagarize someone and you’re a republican then pick like Abe Lincolns wife or Nancy Reagan, not MICHELLE FRICKIN OBAMA LOL

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Her team should’ve made sure this wasn’t an issue. I’m pretty sure they wrote it.

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Fox news is funny how whenever there’s a racial issue, they hand select one of the ten black republicans in politics to come on their show to talk about the issue. I mean they have to, but it’s funny cuz there’s not many black republicans, but they manage to always find one to talk about the racial issues. Lol.

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I’m freaking out a little bit. Or a lot bit.

I know I’m just talking to myself here… But he’s still on the TV and I really need a shower, yo…

I watched the first portion of it. It went a little long and I need to go to bed so I stopped watching it. Want to go to sleep the same time every day to test out the new sleep aid that the doctor prescribed. At least till I see him again on wednesday.

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