Im the reason donald trump is president

basically, four years ago I was daydreaming and I thought if I don’t follow my dreams then that would be the worst world ever, and then all of the things I said making the world horrible eventually I realized had come true four years later. so if its the worst world ever, we would have the worst president ever, etc, I can write more if you want about what I predicted.
that is something I believe and know to be true
but one thing I came up with was who was going to be my husband so that after all those years of bad things I would get something good. I described the person with detail and that person actually exists, I have talked to them before. but. they don’t want to be with me. now im believing we are telepathic. but we aren’t… right?! im on medication now because of it and going to therapy. but its hard to get over it when I know everything else I said was right! but being now diagnosed with a schizophrenic psychosis. sometimes it makes me wonder if I even predicted anything in the first place. if I did, im sorry everyone! and I can fix it by getting to 125 pounds and saving up $1000. once I do that we will for sure be in what I call the ‘good years’ and I have only about ten pounds to lose. although technically the good years started right when the bad years ended, but the first good thing was supposed to be me being with that guy. that’s not happening.
don’t know why im typing this but I want to be more active here and share with you guys and see what you guys have to say.
anything else you want to know or any questions let me know!
sorry if it was confusing or vague. wanted to be quick.

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Think clearly. How can you possibly influence geopolitics when you’re probably not even well enough to take care of your own personal affairs?

You’re not well. Get help.


Is your name “Russian interference”, “electoral college” or “Vladimir Putin”? Just kidding couldn’t help myself

All jokes aside, yeah don’t trouble yourself worrying about such delusions, it doesn’t help. You’ll be alright. Donald Trump will not be president at most 6 more years. (Or is it 5?) Ah either way, some people really like President Donald Trump.

Don’t blame yourself for things that are out of your control. Remember, you are only ever truly in control of yourself and your actions. I guess people in a position of power might be able to influence change.


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