This is for everybody who has teeth

I always say that having problems with your teeth and needing to go to the dentist is like having problems with your car and needing to go to a mechanic. The longer you wait to go, the worse and more expensive the problem gets. Most dental problems don’t go away on their own. If you need to go, then go and get it over with. I am saying this to everybody. You have to go eventually anyway. Not talking just about you darksith.


yeah, I have a hole in one of my grinding teeth. I will have it treated in September, right after this hot summer.

I always make sure I go not every six months but at least every year.

But i don’t even want to do this anymore.

If they were offering assisted suicide id take it in a heartbeat.

It’s just hard to think about certain things when you don’t have a reason to live anymore.

I agree wholeheartedly with you Nick. I put off dental care for a few years. And the result was losing 2 molars and having to have 4 crowns. To the tune of over $3,000. Had I gone for regular cleanings, I wouldn’t have gotten cavities. Had I gotten the cavities filled, I wouldn’t have needed expensive crowns and implants to replace lost teeth.

I’m taking much better care of my teeth now. Lesson learned!




I’m having a root canal done tomorrow. I’ve never had it done before and I’m very scared that it is going to be painful.

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Well I won’t lie to you Fellowman; root canals hurt. But it is a necessary evil. I’ve had several. They are bearable. And your dentist will do his best not to hurt you too bad.


I had a root canal three weeks ago and I experienced no pain at all, not even afterwards.

This may have been because I had a dead nerve there though…

But they made me very nice and numb with novicane first.

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I’m getting over my fear of the dentist. My dentist will let my family member sit in the same room with me because I’ll calm down. I’ll get there eventually. I do go, I try to be good about it. Sometimes I can conquer the fear, sometimes the fear conquers me.


I’ve had a number of root canals and the procedure didn’t hurt. I don’t remember the anasthetic hurting. Maybe, but I don’t remember. I think some dentists use more than others.

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I wish I could say something to help you feel better but I don’t know anything to say.

So here is a jelly bean hug.

It is the best I can do.


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dark sith can be seen going into the dentist with forty storm troopers…
" make sure no one leaves, " dark sith says menacingly…
take care


Well, I have less teeth this week than I had last week.



So I’ve had the root canal done this afternoon. It didn’t hurt at all but it was scary with the dentist drilling and grinding with all that needle like objects.