This is an example

I’ve been told and called so many names on social media, get this one, from Facebook:

Did you see her profile, I think she’s got problems, and we shouldn’t engage with her, it’s not healthy for her.

Wow. all that because of mental illness, well, I still have a brain, and I love to get into discussions.



I stay away from social media. I used to be on My Space back in the day and that was pretty cool. But i don’t do Facebook. If i was on there i’d have to be friends with all my family and i really don’t want that.


oh, this is really no big deal

I can handle it

I’m not friends with my family on there

some of these complete strangers have become good friends

they know I’m there for them too.

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It’s good that you have friends to support you. As far as the haters go, let 'em hate i guess. We just have to live our lives. Keep on living!

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we lose credibility though, don’t we?

I make up for it, but what I learn every day from NPR.

I’m not worried about losing credibility, although that may happen. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. Maybe when i was younger but not now. Those days are behind me.

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I tell my family this too, but still I’ve always had a lot to prove

especially if I was being a good enough parent.

I hope I’m changing the way people view mental illness,

that’s always what NAMI wanted.

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Yeah i can see your point. I’m sure you were a good parent. Your kids seem to be happy in the pics you’ve posted. The odds were probably against you, having special needs children but you did it. NAMI is a good organization. Last time i was in the hospital they came and did a presentation of sorts. They have support groups here but i’ve never been. I’ve thought about going though.

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I was sorta hellicopter parent

but we lived in low income housing

and I saw lots of ■■■■ go down

yeah, it was great being a mom
especially seeing them as great

so much love.

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That’s cool. And that’s something no one can ever take away from you.

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your’e such a nice guy, thank you.


I agree with Daze


Thanks y’all. 1515


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