Found out more about ban

Supposedly the reason I am not allowed around the kids alone is I told the mentally ill teen niece to fake her illness. I never did that! I don’t discuss my illness with them. Her mother told her I had schizophrenia she could have easily looked up the symptoms.

I have schizoaffective disorder so yeah.

The niece is blaming me!

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What is your niece blaming you for?


Saying I told her to fake being mentally ill

So she’s lying? Does she actually have schizophrenia or is she faking it?

I don’t understand. So your niece was faking schizophrenia? And now she’s blaming her dumbass idea on you? Where is she now? Is she still in the hospital? Did the psychiatrist at the hospital say she is faking?

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There is nothing you could say about that family that would surprise me.

They’re awful people and they’ll always blame you for everything.

You need to tell your case manager about this abuse and let her help you find a way out.


So was she actually faking it? Because it runs through the family.

The apple don’t fall far from the tree apparently.


Ha! I was going to say the same exact thing!


She’s out of the hospital, I don’t know if the doctor said she faking it. But her mom said she doesn’t want the kids around me because I put the idea mental illness is “cool” and a way to get attention in that niece’s head. And the niece is agreeing.

Did you tell them you didn’t say that? Did they even give you a chance to defend yourself. You said your nieces liked spending time with you, right? Maybe your niece will soon realize what she has done and how she’s hurt you with her lies.

They didn’t even give me a chance. I’m just going to avoid the kids from now on.

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This sounds like an episode of the freaking Twilight Zone. What does anyone have to lose from being nice to you?

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The younger kids are nice to me and don’t agree with the ban. But their pleas fall on deaf ears. My brother in law took my side but his wife is ultimately in charge

Right? Your partner’s entire family treat you like absolute shitt @cbbrown, and to be honest I’m starting to doubt your partner.

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She tried to stick up for me, but they didn’t care.

She keeps telling me to let it go, I’m paying for the niece’s hair brained scheme

They are not necessarily your family if you are not genetically related to them, and if they don’t treat you well.


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