This Computer Game Can Trigger Auditory Hallucinations

I posted about this before but this article seems clearer.

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They say" Auditory hallucinations are one of the most common symptoms" !!

And we insist to sure that the hallucinations is not a mental symptoms of any disease / illness or even a type of the human behavior outputs at all ,they are not a product of the human mental functions or the human gene (s)

without false data,the hallucination in itself is the main structure of the health condition that you call it schizophrenia,in the same time the hallucination is the only functional factor who is responsible about the indication of all changes / disorders which the person coexists with inside himself and suffers from or the symptoms that be diagnosed by the researchers

The hallucination in itself is a new living independent conscious psychological self not from the human race , it is enter the human conscious state through out the psychological gate and stills in it for unknown time

So when you say the hallucination is a symptom of a disease ;
1-You can not diagnosing the hallucination by your self or any lab tools,for what reason you think that you diagnosing the hallucinations as a common symptom !
2-What you said does not corresponding to the essential nature of the hallucination himself /herself !
3- the hallucination is not just a hearing to a voices ,because the heard voices for the person"s perception are vocal thoughts not like any physical voices in the level of the structure , effect and reactions

In relation to the mental perception of the listener;
When the hallucination entity speaks to the human listener,he says a thoughts ,his heard talking is a thoughts, the heard talking is perceived mentally as a Thoughts
And he does not says spoken words like the natural physical words that are spread in the external environment ,therefore the person with sz does not hears a physical voices at all !

The hallucination creature causes 2 different perceptual feelings in the human host;
1-Causes an awareness of the existence of one or more of strange psychological self (s) in the beginning of sz condition

It causes the creation of an illusory perception that the psychological entities are exist and live in the surrounding external environment, and there is a constant indelible realization that they are in mutual bilateral contact with the host" psychological self by some means

This inner feeling persists for most of the host’s wakefulness,day by day
This feeling is similar to the human feeling with himself,but the man does not feel his human self in the case if he feels the hallucination entity because he feels a strange self (he/she or they )
In sums, the hallucination expresses about his existence to the human host by this feeling !

2- when the hallucination is functionally active during the period of wakefulness;
It causes an endless series of mental perceptions (perceptual experiences) and extreme feelings without the presence of actual external environmental stimuli or /without topics that address mentally by the functional mind or without directly interact with one of the daily life events
These effects are changed between a moment and other (not constant )

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