Scientists Created a Video Game That Makes People Hear Sounds That Aren't Real


I believe these scientists are onto something valuable.

Recently I attempt to identify my triggers exactly. Basically I hear voices when I am stressed, even insignificantly. What is considered stressful is entirely personal.

Another observation that I made is that voices respond to my expectations most of the time. It doesn’t mean I wish them into existance explicitly. Rather, I hear responses and comments on my thoughts that I consider my “angels” may potentially be interested in. Like when writing this message I heard my persistent character tell me yet another time that they are real.

As a schizophrenic I believe that this research managed to describe an important if not critical element of hallucinations.


Reducing the hallucination (a higher living entity) into phonetic phenomenon !
-one of the simplest function of the conscious hallucination:
Repeats the individual"s thoughts in a phonemic manner,which makes the perception process of the meaning of the idea as an Internal Auditory phenomenon

It means that,the hallucination creature reads the thoughts of the individual and transforms the soundless implicit thoughts (electrochemical signals) into vocal thoughts,they become audible to the individual internally !

Hallucination says “understood Thoughts” and does not say “physical words” that are heard with the ear !!

The vocal thoughts of the hallucination entity are much clearer than the implicit thoughts (soundless) that produced by the human mind-brain .
The clarity of the audible sound of the hallucination is reaches a grade of 99,99% and there is no noise of any intensity that prevents this clarity at all !

Above of all,the audible voice is not the hallucination creature itself,Rather,the voice is one of the means that the hallucination entity uses to express its views
to the hearer about the world of all subjects,phenomena and things !!


To be honest, no, your meaning is not clear to me in the slightest.

+++ You seem to imply that there are entities behind the voices and that simple auditory hallucination is irrelevant to that idea. But you fail to present any argument for that idea.

The research suggest that key to any hallucination is anticipation. Person who heavily anticipates a sound will produce a sound with their mind for themselves, and a person who anticipates speech from a character will hear just that.

Actually, this is what modern computer simulations do, for example video game animations extrapolate to smooth the movement. It is easy to imagine brain to do similar.

What this article suggests is easy to understand and manageable to verify.

No matter what you say
The hallucination as be felt by any person ,is a whole psychological entity (S) pulsating with manifestations of mental and emotional life

Hallucination from the structure aspect is like a human being,but he is a psychological self (conscious person) that does not have a special organic body (or genetic material) to contain it !

It means that,the hallucination is a psychological self for a person (not from the human race) in a free state does not have his own biological body or existential appearance that can be seen with the human naked eyes !

IN the case,if you are not a real eyewitness, ear witness and do not touch the hallucination entity inside your inner emotion and does not coexist with it for a period of time ,all what you say about hallucination is just personal imaginations !

Where do you get these ideas?

At first,what we said is not a theoretical ideas as you think,but they are the honest objectivity reading to the basic data of the thing called hallucination

Presenting the actual facts as they are,without personal intervention,without any attempt to change their basic nature for sake serve the purposes of the medical assumptions And without twisting or rotation to switch an official realities !!

Second,for the human listener,if the hallucination entity makes a sound (broadcasting the voices),the spoken words of the hallucination has acts as an understood thoughts (understood thoughts by its nature that do not need to makes mental effort to understanding its concepts ),and not like words that are issued in the external environment and picked up by the ear !

This means that,the sound effect causes a direct mental perception ,unlike the sound effect that the physical sound effects generate in the perceptual regions of the brain ,which need cognitive interpretations from the cells of these regions !