Auditory Hallucinations in Schizophrenia

Mark Hayward, PhD, DClinPsy, director of research and honorary senior research fellow at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom, adds, “The cause of auditory hallucinations is often, but not always, rooted in traumatic early experience. Almost all of our patients have experienced significant adversity for extended periods of their lives, and this adversity is often reflected in the identity of their voices. For example, the voice may be a mother or father who was neglectful or abusive, or bullies from school, and the comments they make may be critical and derogatory.”


Thanks for posting this @everhopeful, gonna have a good read of it. I love topics about voices

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First of all:
what is the nature of the acoustic material in isolation from its linguistic content ?
They are an ultra phonetic thoughts wave,not producing by action of brain activity

The sound wave is emitted directly into the mind theater by the action of the sound emitter (hallucination),it is propagates within the mind and does not move to any other place.
It settles with excessive force in the mind after its spread in it
The person( hearer) needs to do a mental/behavior activity to remove the acoustic wave from the mind theater in order to restore the balance state

What is the appropriate medication to prevent the spread of an ultra sound thoughts in the spatial/temporal dimensions of the mind ?

The perfect treatment
How do you use the sleep chemistry mechanisms to work only on the pathogen(hallucination) during the waking period,a prerequisite that it does not affect the alertness of the human psychological user (the person with sz) ?

Auditory hallucinations could be representable, though, like in EDM or Electronica music. I’m interested about the brain’s longing for a computer metaphor in comparison upon the stream of consciousness.

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I’m very, very hesitant to buy into any psychotherapy explanations which tie into abusive parents or early trauma or anything like that. It just sounds too Freudian. I really think it’s just genetics, and perhaps sometimes set off by drug abuse.

I remember reading an article about someone who had issues with their mother, and when they cleared up the issues the voices stopped. Like that actually works. My voice doesn’t stop unless I take the right medicine. I guess we’re all different though. Also, my voice historically has been positive more often than not.

Still interesting to read any article on it. I wish I had studied it in college and gotten a degree so I could debate it with more merit.


I think the same about psychotherapy for sz, I have a scientific head, I studied health science in university, physiotherapy. Psychotherapy is not an approved sz treatment unlike psychiatric meds. Scientific studies say sz is 80% genetic. My psychiatrist never recommended therapy. Psychiatrists study mental illness much more than any psychologist.


What is the similarity between the sz pathogen (hallucination entity) and the computer ?
In principle:
The pathogen acts and behaves look like a conscious virus on the information of the higher mental processes and the feelings ,has seeks all time of waking to change each concept /feeling that be understood by the mind of the person