Thinking that school is just not for me

I’ve kinda learned that the hard way. I’m getting old, and my brain just isn’t what it used to be. My cognition is pretty bad, and I have little to no motivation to get a good grade anymore.

Idk- I might use whatever is left in my GI Bill to learn programming at a trade school, or some non-traditional software/computer school.

That way I can have a marketable skill under my belt.

Thanks for reading :v:


If you run out of GI Bill you can always apply for vocational rehabilitation with the VA.

I applied once and they wanted to put me on an independent living plan. I didn’t accept it.

Maybe I will apply again someday.


Hi @TomCat thank you for your service.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about voc. rehab. I’ve known quite a few dudes who did it and it really helped them out.

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Thanks to you as well. Thank you.

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If u like programming. I know of a woman (my mom’s friend) who is a very highly paid programmer without a programming degree and she wasnt even born in this country.

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Are you sure it’s not just the class? I’m sure I would struggle in biology too.

At any rate, programming is a versatile and valuable skill. It could be a good idea. Just make sure to look closely at the schools and make sure they’re fully accredited and not-for-profit. Some scummy schools out there. But on the other hand, there are some really great coding bootcamps like General Assembly. They’re just very expensive. I don’t know if they accept GI funding or not, something to look into.

Some community colleges have decent comp sci programs, depending where you live. A lot of good online courses are available too, most of them free.

Good luck! I have a feeling this was just a tough class. Maybe you could try a literature or philosophy class?


Yeah, I didn’t even think of that. Bio is a tough subject at the college level for a lot of people.

Thank you for the info @animalmineral :slight_smile:

We have quite a few trade schools where I live that offer comp sci stuff, and the local community college has some great programs as well.

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check out the online learning resources codecademy and teamtreehouse. you can jump right in and start learning to code, or just get a feel for it and see if you like it.

yeah, this is just a setback, and it’s totally understandable. don’t be too discouraged.

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Thank you. I’m looking into some local IT training at the moment. Also - thanks for those resources.

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In my second year at college, I found out that social work wasn’t for me (empathy burnout). Now I’m picking up a second language so I can do bilingual office work. Apparently, these type of jobs pays very well.

I’m not exceptional in any way, and that’s okay. That’s just me though.

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That’s cool. What second language are you learning? Social work is very hard work. A lot of the social workers I’ve met are either really burned out with it, or it’s their passion and they love it.

edited for spelling - I spelled work as “wok” :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m learning French.

I notice that about Social Workers too. Plus the pay kinda sucks around here.

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