I think I know what I'm going to use the rest of my GI bill for

Coding bootcamp!

To me it makes more economic sense to just learn a skill/trade.

Plus I don’t have enough time left in my GI bill to earn a 4 year degree.

I’m not jumping into decisions or anything.

But I am pretty excited about this.

I’ve got to get my mind right first though!

To say the least it’s something I am definitely considering.

Thank you for reading. :v: :pray: :heart:


Great choice. That’s what I’m going to school for. There are a ton of job opportunities for coders these days.

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Thats an awesome idea!!! It’s proactive, ambitious, and gives you more opportunities to do something important in a world that makes it so easy to do nothing. Best of luck to you Montezuma! I’m glad for you :purple_heart:

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Thank you @bittercat! I appreciate the encouragement. :slight_smile:

@themooniesareup Thank you! Yeah, I was reading on one of the school’s websites that it’s a great job for military veterans. :slight_smile: Very cool.

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Good luck. Will they accept/let you use GI bill? Coding can be fun.

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@insidemind Yes, quite a few coding bootcamps are GI bill approved. :slight_smile:

I’ll probably have to relocate for a little while. But I am looking forward to that.

Thank you. :blush:

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I hope you stick to this. It sounds better than interdiciplinary studies. I have a gut feeling you still want your bachelors degree though so think it through. Maybe a bachelors at something useful at college can make you as much money as a programmer. This is a good choice if you want to freelance since it will probably be a easy job with low tax.

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This is an excellent decision,

I’m excited for you!!

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Sounds good to me @Montezuma. Wish you the best!

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Thank you for the well wishes @eighteyedspy23! :blush:

@anon54386108 Thank you amiga!

@anon62973308 Yes, I would still like to get my bachelors one day. But thank you for the info.

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