Improving memory

any tips? i’m going back to school in a couple months and im concerned my memory may not be good enough for me to remember all the curriculum. I have some gingko biloba herbal tea, it’s supposed to improve circulation to the brain and thus improve memory but I haven’t noticed much.

anybody any meds or supplements for memory?

not sure what your’e studying

but hopefully just by activating your brain this way it will work for you

what I used to do with my notes, is imagine how it looked on the page

as far as math goes, I might be ok in the class and do well,

but test me 6 months, and I’ve forgotten everything,
gotta keep relearning it.

don’t know about supplements but I’ve heard chocolate is good.


The best tip from when I was going back to school again after sz: Start reading textbooks now. Don’t wait until you start school.


@anon9798425 thanks for the tip. I will start re-reading my old textbooks.

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That’s exactly what I did, and it really helped prepare me for the workload and improved my memory and concentration.

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Stay abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Moderate sleep and exercise.

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yeah I think im going to have stay on the wagon. my memory is greatly improved now that I don’t drink so much anymore. exercise too should help me feel my best, I give myself an hour a day to workout

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I hope you learn a whole bunch and come back here

and share it with us. I love learning new things.

It’s great your’e doing it. If you are permanently disabled,

Voc Rehab will help with the cost of your books.

My daughter got it, and she’s not even on social security.

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yes voc rehab pays for some of my classes. in Indiana they have the “next level jobs” program that pays for a variety of technical certificates including business administration, which is what im doing. there are some conditions, they don’t pay if you already earned an associates degree or higher. i’m going to go ahead and get an associates and then maybe get a bachelor’s degree through Indiana university, not sure. im really not looking forward to getting back in the workforce but I’ve wasted so much time it doesn’t make sense for me to keep going to school (pursuing a bachelors) and not be earning.

Personally, I dont see the point in having a degree if you dont plan or dont want to work.

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As for memory, it was a hit or miss with me. The more meds I was on the worse my cognition was. The worse my symptoms, the worse my cognition. Some supplements worked. Not sure which ones though.

I plan to work, im just not fond of it. i was going to study horticulture so that i could work for myself but mom convinced to get a bus. degree and study horticulture on my own.

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