Voc Rehab Opportunity

I am seeing a Voc Rehab counselor at the VA again. Last time I went they wanted to put my on an independent living plan for people who are too disabled to work where they put you in extensive therapy and help you find hobbies. They said i was too disabled to work or go to school. So i refused it and enrolled in school anyway and graduated and got my aircraft mechanics license.

I have been working semi full time since August as an aircraft mechanic and I see my psychologist at the VA tomorrow and my Voc Rehab counselor wants me to get a letter from him that says I can work.

Hopefully that won’t be a problem. She says she is going to consider me for a non paid work experience with the Army Corps of Engineers. It’s a chance at maybe a better paying job because I have an MBA also and about twenty years of management experience before I got sick. We will see if this pans out.

If nothing else I like working on airplanes but my employer hasn’t hired me yet. I am just doing independent contract work and the pay isn’t that good.

I also put an application in to join a flying club that will go out in the mail tomorrow. Maybe they will approve me and I can start flying again regularly. They have a light sport aircraft you can fly without a medical and with just a drivers license. I wish I wasn’t sick and didn’t take medication so I could go back to flying for a living. But that probably won’t happen so I have to settle for what I can get.


Keep up the good work!

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All the best to you @TomCat :slight_smile:

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Awesome news @TomCat!

I really wish I could go back to work. But my voices and delusions are very chronic.

Anyways good luck to ya!

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@TomCat I hope you get the internship (non paying job). It would be great if you could use it to boost your career. I think it’s awesome you went back to school after being told you couldn’t. I couldn’t handle school or work right now so I’m really impressed with what you accomplished. How is your memory? Was it hard to learn and remember the information at school?

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I’m proud of you @TomCat. You had the guts to do what I didn’t. Which is make something of yourself AFTER schiz. Good for you!!! Give yourself a big hug and a pat on the back!!! You deserve a medal.

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Yeah! You can do it. It will take time and hard work to fight negativity. Stay cool!

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Well done Tomcat…

What age were u when u got sick?

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I still have delusions but fortunately haven’t heard voices in a while. The delusions don’t seem to affect my ability to operate a screwdriver, do an oil change, change a tire or anything like that.

I got sick at 38.


My psychologist cancelled my appointment and rescheduled for December 12th. I am never going to get this letter.