Thinking of my mom

She passed a short while ago as some of you know. Me and my sisters were talking about her the other night and me and my step-dad were talking about her. Of course she wasn’t perfect but to me she was darn close in some ways. People liked her; plain and simple. She was a very sociable person and it amazed me when I was an adult that she said she was very shy as a child and young adult. Painfully shy. Because I sure saw no sign of it from her.

Because she loved parties and informal get-togethers and I just remember her laughing and talking with everybody.
She used to tell me she loved me. It’s a cold world and I already miss that from her. I don’t know if I’ll ever hear that again from anybody. I don’t want to depress anyone. She brought a lot of positive light into my life in my darkest times. God bless.


Recently I found out what had happened to my late mom. She suffered from lung cancer and she did not smoke. It amazed me that the experts discovered that many factors contributed to lung cancer for non-smokers. And finally I know why my mom died, it was because of the smoke of sizzling pan while she was cooking as hawkers for many years.
It is not a relief for me but it does end the depressing mood which I suffer since the loss of my mom.
Yes, one thing for sure, your mom lives forever in your memory which no one can take away.


She sounds brave and loving. I’m happy you got to share your life with her and so sorry for your loss.


It’s good that you talked about your mom on this forum, Nick. You will gradually get used to the life without your mom.

My mom is loving but not very smart. She has a very narrow and stubborn mind. It’s hard to share something with her. I have an estranged relationship with her. I missed her sometimes but did not and don’t know how to communicate with her.


i still think of my dad, he was such a character, i always remember the good times with him and what he use to say, my mum has taken it hardest bc she is alone now in a big house and all she has is the dog and cat with her, she is registered deaf/blind with RP and she’s not doing well even though she is trying her best,

my sister and i go over to visit as much as we can. its not the same without him but thank god i didnt go into psychosis over it, my dad was worried about me that i wouldn’t cope so i am proving to him that i can make it without him and i hope he can be proud of that, i just treated his death as part of life and i really do believe he is up there looking down, it was a shock but i know there is nothing we could do :confused: he will always be with me though.


I think you honor your mom by talking about her. And I think she’d be so happy that you know she loved you so much. :heart:


Yesterday was five years since my father died. I wasn’t as close to him as you seemed to be with your mother, but every death is a pretty hard burden for those who stay alive.
I can tell that it gets easier with the time.


when you go outside and the warmth of the :sunny: sun hits your face…
and the sky is clear…and you can see trees :deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree: and :bird: :bird: birds around you…maybe that is your mother ’ shining ’ love :heart: down upon you.
take care :alien:

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Very poetic and cheery darlsith. Thanks.

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My condolenses @77nick77 I don’t know what I’ll be like after my mom dies…I feel for you so much Nick. I hope you will find a way to see the bright side of it some day. I love you.

@Sarad really sorry you are hurting. :heart:
koala :koala: hug from australia. :earth_asia:
take care :alien:


My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.

-Mark Twain

You keep her alive in your heart @77nick77, every time you talk about her.
She sounds like she was a wonderful mom, and you were lucky to have her as a mom.
I think she was lucky to have you too, as her son.
The apple don’t fall far from the tree.

It’s brave of you to post this about your mother. I’m sure she was a wonderful person with a great heart. I know if I lost my mother I don’t know what I would do.

Your mom sounds like she was a really great person. And you sound like a great person too! I think you will find someone to love if you try.