Thinking of doing swimming from 13 April, when Lockdown rules allow it

That gives me one month to work on my diet so that I feel better in a swimming costume.

Wish I could speed up time Tbh. Just for 2.5 weeks.

29 March I can officially go on bus rides again.

How’s the situation improving where you folk are and do you have plans?

I actually want to buy a tankini.


Sports direct is dee place to go.

I’m just so excited for things to get better,

Hopefully, I must add, SIGH


The word hopefully really bugs me.

Why can’t I just say

things WILL GET BETTER. (full stop)

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I don’t know the reason but there is one. Because I feel uncomfortable to say that.

Things WILL GET BETTER. :lizard::lizard::lizard:


… Hopefully… :see_no_evil:

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I feel a swarm of an attack of birds come down on me if I announce publicly that things will get better.

Why does it have to be so complicated to speak.

I just want to speak?


This is nice


That is nice. 151515

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I’m planning on going swimming to.

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How often and for how long?

I walk most days now unless weather is awful. With swimming I tend to go mental and swim a 100 laps about five times a week so then crash and burn. I’m going to just go once a week for pleasure and s I’m a lot.

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I used to swim a little bit when I was in the service. It’s a damn good workout!

I don’t really have any plans though.

Hey, I’m listening to an English band now! Crass, the anarchist legends.

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It really is!

I must do it!


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Yea I tend to crash and burn too. I’m thinking I’ll go every other day for 15 to 20 minutes and skip the walking.

Well done with the walking.

Enjoy it. It’s the main thing. Swimming’s a higher intensity workout isn’t it?

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I actually find swimming easier than walking, I’m not sure why? It just feels more relaxing, like floating, and the after feeling is more rewarding.

Yeah me to. I used to walk really slow after my first psychosis but it never affected my swimming speed.

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