I m gonna start swimming at pool for exercises :)

Hi all;
I just get member of one local pool and i m gonna start swimming.i will swim for exercise reason give some ■■■■■■■ fat off.any suggestions?i m gonna go at this pool below.

Maybe someone else want swimming also.

See you.


I recently joined a pool as well. I haven’t been going often enough but when I do, I feel really great afterwards. It’s a great idea.

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Good for you ocean spray. Swimming is really healthy for you. Its fun too :slight_smile:

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Swimming is my favorite thing…

If you ever need some aqua work out ideas that aren’t just laps and laps and laps… let me know.

I’ve also got some good lap work outs.

Enjoy… by the way… nice looking pool. :swimmer:

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I was doing jogging for exercises but i decide at swimming.because swimming more enjoyful activity.

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hi everyone ;ı just wanna update my swimming experience.

first of all since 2 weeks ı feel less stressful.daily i m swimming 45min or 1 hour and one hour swimming burn 500 to 800 the way since 2 weeks i gave 1 kilo which is quite success for me.i m planning to give 10 kilo so i need 20 week for more.but i willing to make this exercises all the time because it s full of joy.(especially if you have underwater mp3 player)i was asked about which songs is the better for swimming and nobody was answered me.i think i founded which songs is joyfull underwater.firstly copld play songs quite energetic and some dido songs quite really stress out and giving weight much more than i think.with this if you have opportunity for swimming just go for s not much only cost 5 dollar a day which is i m living a 3 world i think in america or europa is much more cheap or maybe is just give a try.

see you


I usually don’t swim with music… but the few times I do, I like happy stuff like

Kaanan “Waving Flag” stuff like that.

Or world beat stuff… things that don’t have a bet so fast they outpace my stroke.

Glad your still swimming. Are you mixing up the strokes so you don’t over do the shoulders?

I like I.Ms… some back/breast/fly/free… that way I get a little bit of everything.

I just started swimming to exercise too. I love it, and it’s easy to lose track of time in the pool. I’m just worried aboutotentiay drying out my skin since it’s winter here. But I moisturize afterwards, so hopefully I won’t have a problem. I do a few different strokes. I change it up whenever my muscles start feeling tired of one way.

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