Thinking about showing a few people the door on facebook

i have a few friends on facebook. The truth is they really aren’t friends. They were kind of mean to me in school and it really hurt me because i wanted to be in their group. They’ve stayed friends all these years and never of course called or asked me how i was doing. They were kind of snotty to others too not just me and they weren’t super mean to me but they didn’t want to be my friend really.

I saw one of them once 10 years ago at the gym and she hid behind a corner laughing with a girlfriend because she saw me. :frowning:

anyways i’m friends with them now on facebook but really they are not my friends i know this. I only have my family and just a few close friends on there from school besides them…

should i show them the door?? :slight_smile: i really don’t care what their doing. the truth is i’m thinking about just getting rid of facebook altogether. i would but my mom likes to know what’s going on. (she doesn’t have a page)

I know how you feel. I have the same problem with my brother in law. I dotn want him on my page but hes on my page all the same. Its just its awkward as you know. Hard to know what to do, really youre your own best judge.

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Heard a rumor employers expect a facebook page now days. I like twitter better. :bird:

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If you don’t want to go so far as unfriending them, you can set your setting so that you will no longer see their posts. I have used this option on a couple of my FB “friends”:slight_smile: It’s a great option. Just hover the curser over their name and a drop down menu will appear. Click on report/block. Then just click on the line that says unfollow. You will still appear as a friend to them. If they do mention your name specifically it will appear in your feed, so it would not be like you were ignoring them in that case. Hope this helps.

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i have two facebook pages, one for friends and one for family and the one for friends is the best one but also the worst one,i have had to unfriend people from college even while i was still there which was pretty hard, i hate unfriending people but i just didnt see the point of them being there,

so i weighed up the pros and cons, who talks to me/who doesnt and that was the deal cruncher and i thought well if they say anything to me about it i would just say ‘well i just didnt see the point of having you on there’ you never talk to me anyway or like anything or comment so whats the point.

i dont think it is nice being unfriended but i guess if you werent even a friend in the first place then whats the point of that. nobody even care that i had unfriended them.


Thank you i think i am going to do that!

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I’m not the most unbiased person to ask this one on… I am cutting out hurtful negative people from my life and because of it, I feel better. I really hate everything facebook has become so I don’t have a page, never had a page, glad not to be part of the drama.

If people are making you feel bad and still treating you bad when you see them… get them off your page. I’d say cut and cut some more.


Perhaps we should open something new called “BUTTbook” and send them over there.

Hey we just might become rich.

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You know they’ve been friendly since being on facebook maybe i guess all of us have grown up in that way, hopefully.

The thing is i sometimes think if they really had befriended me and included me in their groups with school and after school and accepted me and really liked me. maybe i wouldn’t have so many mental health problems. but that might be a big maybe. i might have been doomed anyways. I just think i might have felt more self esteem and happiness and that could that have prevented it?? Probably not. I just sometimes think that.

The truth is too two of them are kind of drinkers anyways and THAT i am GLAD i wasn’t around a lot. I’m just going to hid them from my feed. LOL

Yeah when you first start FB, it wants you to add like 5,000 friends. My advice is exclude everybody who is not in your life. And keep everybody you want in your life. If they are not family or real close show them the door!