I actually get very offended by Facebook


My relatives actually cause me quite a degree of hurt.

Personally I would prefer not to have joined. But regrettably Im on the site.


I have one or two facebook friends that are not nice… For now I just mark them as acquaintances and not get their notifications… There are also ways to block them without unfriending them…


I couldn’t take it anymore and I deleted mine.


I never joined Facebook, never will


Im actually allergic to it, when i look at it my blood pressure goes up, it’s a bad allergy but i think ill get by.


I have terminated my account prior to the onset. I open it again after the psychosis, as an easy way to get into touch with relatives and friends in case of emergency. It would not be possible for me to remember numbers or keep my cell phone if I ran into another episode. I was eager to find my family at the onset but they don’t pick up phones I was not calling with my own cell phone.

So I made it a habit - I don’t log in and check my accounts. I would only do so if I want to contact someone on the list.
I never wrote anything on fb.

Another purpose of me is to get some ideas of what is happening in the outside world. I’ve added some book writers and social movement leaders as my friend. I only read and dont write and it is funny getting to know what is happening in the community.

I know it could be uncomfortable.


I was also offended by Facebook when I tried it. I cancelled my FB account. Google+ is good. There are good societies to which people can join. I receive daily postings of Psychological Society. They, Psych Soc, have over 70000 members.


Largely i have been lucky. There was one person i unfriended for racist, anti muslim posts and another i am about to for the same reason.
The thing with befriending someone is it can take a while for their true colours to show.


I am not on FB, twitter, pintrest, tumblar, google, or any of the other 100 thingies that are out there. I hate FB a lot. I can’t take it. It upsets me. My sis isn’t on it either. She cancelled her account and now when her work has exploded due to a facebook argument and tiff, she’s not part of it because she’s not on FB.

I really can’t take it. I think it’s vial.


I kind of know what you mean. Some people post things on Facebook that they just shouldn’t post. It doesn’t make any sense. I check Facebook everyday but I rarely post anything.


i love facebook though there is a lot of ■■■■ that gets posted. i am not anti muslim firemonkey but i am anti fanatic. i don’t think the burka should b allowed in britain as it is used to oppress women in general and i think that one rule should apply to racism of any kind be white on muslim, muslim on white but it doesn’t seem to b that way for fear of “upsetting” the muslim community. that’s what gets my goat.