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I have some relatives on my facebook page that i’ve decided don’t like me. i’m okay with it though because i don’t like them either and never have. Although i’ve tried to be nice to them on facebook. The only reason i think this is because i’ve been friends with them for 4 or 5 years since i’ve been on. And they NEVER comment or like ANYTHING of mine unless it is a photo of another family member and not me. LOL The funny part is one of the girls works in mental health and she knows i have mental health problems. She was always mean though when we were kids. and we weren’t close either. She will post on all my family member’s pages but not mine. Won’t even wish me a happy birthday. LOL I haven’t spoken to her in many years and really haven’t known her since we were kids.

So i decided to block them from my page. They can’t see my posts or people that post on my page. I just don’t want people that obviously don’t like me on my page. I’m not close to that group of people in the family so it doesn’t really matter what they think anyways.

Do you think i shouldn’t do it or do you think it’s okay??

I think you decide who are your friends and who are not.

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Thank you!! you know i think your right. :slight_smile:

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I have family members that I’ve cut off on Facebook and in life in general. My brother is a homophobic, aggressive, and negative person. I stopped talking to him around 4 years ago. And I don’t regret it a bit. He was always making insulting comments about the mentally ill and gay people.

So I blocked his calls, deleted him from Facebook, and never looked back.

Some people don’t deserve to be called family.




i have really poor relationship skills. I’m not sure why. I’m nice to people. i’m really nice. I"m great with job dealing with customers but for some reason i don’t deal well with others. It sucks!! because i really would like to have friends and more of a social life. :frowning:

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Thank you anthony. he definitely deserves to be cut out if he was saying stuff like that. I’m glad you did it! something tells me i won’t regret this either. :slight_smile: thank you anthony.

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Just because someone doesn’t like or comment on your posts on Facebook doesn’t mean they don’t like you.

Think about it - Whether you like or dislike someone isn’t a black and white option - there is a whole gray area between the two extremes - where you might like someone a little, sometimes, or other times dislike a little, or perhaps you don’t know them well so you;re pretty neutral on the person - neither disliking or liking them - you just know them a little.

I rarely comment on anyone’s postings on facebook, I also rarely like things on facebook - its not that I don’t like my friends, or dislike posts - I just don’t care that mutch about interacting with postings and when I do, its pretty random - I might feel like clicking like that day - and it says more about how I’m feeling that day, than anything about my feelings towards a specific person or thing they’ve posted.

Anyway - My point is that its helpful not to jump to extreme conclusions. There are many reasons why a person might not comment on your posts on facebook.

My kid sis comes in with a sigh of relief due to the fact that her swim team is in the middle of a huge argument over who said what and when and who didn’t like who and how… and since she’s not a Facebook anymore, she’s not at all part of this argument that is causing such a fuss with her team.

E-mails are hard enough to interpret intent, Facebook just seems that much worse. Personally I think facebook is vile and suspect. I’m not on it, and most likely will never be. I can’t figure how any good comes of it. But people like it. I’m glad they found something that works for them.

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I have a family members that I’m just about ready to give up on. I’m trying not to, but it’s getting harder and harder to hold on. I’m trying to be positive and open and it’s just not working. I’m also trying to be patient. I’m being told by other family member that this brother is a train wreck in the making.

I would hate to turn my back on him if he really is crumbing, but at the same time, he’s getting under my skin and really making life hard sometimes.

i can see that. The way he treated your little sister!!! I think that’s awful. It realy does put you and your family in a tough spot. He is sounds miserable to be around yet you care for him even still. Hope it works out.

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the think is i did think about it for the last FOUR years! LOL She says happy birthday too ALL my siblings but me. for the last FOUR years!! She will only comment on my page if i have a picture of one of my siblings and their families up for the last FOUR years. LOL I know these things because i don’t have a huge amount of friends on facebook so i notice more.

But i do appreciate your point and i do understand that facebook is hard to judge how people feel. Also i talked with my sibling and he was like maybe it’s true but who really cares. which made me feel better. So i will just let it go i guess.

thanks. :slight_smile:

It’s so hard when family members cause you distress. Because, of course, you have an obligation to stand by them.

But I feel that, if a family member chronically brings more harm into your life than good, then it might be a good idea to distance yourself from them a little.

It’s self-preservation. You cannot allow someone to trigger you or your symptoms.

I think it’s very important to first and foremost communicate to the family member just HOW they’re affecting you. And hopefully they respect you enough to try to salvage the relationship.

In my case, my brother was not willing to take responsibility for his harmful actions. And so I just had to distance myself to protect my mental health.

It’s sad, but sometimes necessary.




Yeah i like facebook and then i don’t. I have such little social life it’s nice to have it to see what people are doing. But it also seems to be a popularity contest on who gets the most likes sometimes. My family all lives far away too so it’s nice to keep up with them as well. But yeah i do get your point on not liking it as well!

Ugg family members. I complained about facebook to my acupuncturist and before I finished my sentance, he said: just, don’t go on facebook. You don’t need that drama life is dramatic enough. Good advice and yet I still go on fb and have similar problems. Extremely religious homophobic you’re going to hell etc etc. I want to block them but they’re family. Same dilemma, what do we do? Let e know what ends up working for you I hate all of this drama and not being able to say what I want to or even saying something and getting no response

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Facebook can be what I would call a double edged sword. On one hand it can be fun but on the other hand it can be hurtful. I enjoy it very much because I get to watch my niece and little cousins grow up. I know what is happening with relatives illness and other things. I also play a couple of the games. The down side is noticing when things I post don’t get liked. Things that are important to me. I think if you can like my cat picture post then why can’t you like my post on mental illness awareness. I try not to look at that part anymore as yes it can hurt.

In the end it is your Facebook which means you can friend or un-friend whomever you want. I un-friended a cousin once because 90% of his posts where foul language and little else.

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@runnergirl I am sorry you are feeling this way about your family. Facebook can be both a positive and negative experience.
I personally do not have an account, because I am a bit paranoid about it. You can choose who to talk to and be with, do not feel obligated to be close to a family member, just because they are family. If you wish, communicating to someone who is being negative could be an option for you.

Thanks so much barbie and wave both great advice. I agree with what both of you are saying totally!! Thanks you for the advice. :slight_smile: