Thinking about selling my squat rack

i no longer deadlift and deep squat. so thinking about trying to sell my squat rack. i honestly don’t care about putting on much strength, i will just be strong enough to get through a work day. now i use dumbells for upper body and do some hamstring curls and leg extensions and air squats for my lower body. i no longer want to be big and super strong, just strong enough like i said.

i could probably get a couple hundred bucks for it, and it’s in good condition, i also have some olympic bars to throw in the deal. i will keep the bench and some of the weights so i can do back rows and leg extensions and hamstring curls.

i workout in my living room while watching television haha. but most of my equipment that is going unused is in dad’s garage and takes up a lot of space. maybe my nephews would be interested, i would give it to them for free.


just sent my sister an email. i forgot she is out of town. she will read it when she gets home. my nephews are starting to get serious about lifting weights, so they may have some interest in it, but i honestly dont think they have room for it in their garage, so im not sure what i will do with it. it will be a pain in the arse to sell. i think i would give it away for free. going to wait and see what my sister says first.

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sent my sister another email. i told her if my nephew is interested i would be willing to pay him $100 bucks to disassemble my squat rack and haul away my equipment in his truck and he could keep all the money he makes by selling it. dad still has some interest in using the equipment, so if my nephew doesn’t want the work, dad can keep the stuff. dad says he may use it, but i doubt it. my nephew has been looking for work and decided not to run track this spring. they are all in the desert right now, visiting with my brother for spring break, so i don’t expect to hear back from her for a couple weeks. for some reason i have her work email, don’t know how i got that, so she will probably see it fairly soon.

i probably spent a grand on all the stuff, but he could probably only get $200-$400 dollars by selling it, it’s not worth the hassle for me to sell it, dad was mad at me and said i need the money, so i should sell it.

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