Im wanna workout at a public park and in my garage

I just use the 80 and 35lb dumbbells, pull up bar and dips bar at the gym. The park in my neighborhood has a track, pull up bars and dip bars. I also have two very high quality punching bags, one 120lbs standard and one 80lb teardrop (wrecking ball) bag. I hang them from a tree and have to take them down. It sucks. And it’s either raining or too hot (I live in the south in a shitty weather city)

But my garage is legit! and so is this stand for the bags!

And my old workout buddy wants to train again. He suggested getting a 200lb bag. I say we split the cost of this bag stand, use my bags, and put it in my garage. My parents can just park in the driveway pfft I am the special chosen child. LOL

Now about the dumbells…I really need them for my shoulders. I mean shoulders are my weakness so I actually still lift for shoulders, and now theyre pretty big and I want to keep them. Weights cost 1$/lb. Two 80’s and two 35’s. ■■■■.

I dont like the treadmill at school, in fact I despise treadmills. I hate the crowded gym at school, its always crowded. I hate having to drive to the school to workout. Decline sit-ups suck anyways, I used to do leg raises instead and that was when I was like actually required to be in shape or else get ktfo

I like colder weather, it’s easier to warm up than cool down from 105 F

Just having an episode of creativity. Nothing to see here.

It would be more convenient…

You could do smaller work outs more often…

And you wouldn’t pay money for gym fees…

When I did bodybuilding (unsuccessfully) I used a jump rope a lot cuz i played basketball in high school. its actually good for anyone who does weight lifting because it gives you agility for everyday life, in addition to what you get visually.

You have the genetics (or if you don’t , you’re just a hard worker). I have really small wrists and my bones got wrecked by lifting weights.

I hate treadmills. I just use the bike.