Perfect time for gardening...any gardeners here?

Hi guys, i was out in my garden today and it was a really nice day so i decided to do a bit of work,

I cleared up my area and then put compost down and planted some seeds, foxglove at the back, forget me nots and honesty in he middle and front, hopefully it will take,

So i just kept going and tidied up my neighbours bit as well then i got my neighbour to come out and he helped a bit, i helped him clear his area which is larger than mine so its ready to be composted and planted (he is sz as well), watered all the plants.

its the perfect time for planting just now i think, anyone gardening yet?


I have started indoor seedlings. Wait on my patio garden box to arrive.


have you got a big garden @Raven?

My garden is communal (shared) and i have only got a little area for myself but i want to help maintain my neighbours areas as well if they are not using it.

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No just a patio raised bed. My landlord doesn’t want me to put in garden in the huge back yard. So I order the raised garden bed.


@Lifer is into gardening.


yep got started a little late this year. wanted to grow some lettuces but temps quickly climbed into the 70’s most of the month, which I think is a bit too hot. supposedly warm weather makes the lettuce bitter.

anyway I still wanted to grow some leafy greens so I planted mustard greens, kale, and beet greens. that will give me a little salad to nibble on in about a month. also I put in some onions and just yesterday started my jalapenos. mostly im into vegetable gardening, I like things I can consume. have about an acre here to garden on so plenty of space to grow some food. in the future I would like to grow culinary herbs, leafy greens, cruciferous veggies, garlic and onions (for the anti cancer benefits) and lots of root veggies, and maybe some beans.

food has always been my primary interest but now im also doing a bit of ornamental landscaping, putting in a groundcover around the house, and have a walking path I would like landscaped. so much time and money though, don’t know how much i’ll be able to do. and also am considering a tea garden.

btw, I heard foxglove can stop a heart attack. it’s in my herbal medicine book.


I grow herbal tea and medical herbs. This year I started some tomatoes and peppers and onions. I only have a patio but my long term goal is to have an acre of land so I can put in a bigger garden.


@Lifer is a gardener

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thats really cool, my garden is all divided up but i’m going to see who is using what and just tend to whatever i can, my neighbour does her patch and the neighbour who usually does most of it is infirm now with sugar gout and stuff (he’s 80) so i did a bit of his patch today as well with a pal,

I got another neighbour to come out and help a bit, got his patch ready for planting and even offered to sell him some compost but he said he’s short atm,

I grew some veg last year at a community garden in a raised planter and it was cool, i grew beans in a pot and carrots, potatoes, turnips were massive and some lettuce and cabbage and i contacted them a couple of days ago so i’ll be going over again tomorrow to see what i can do,

I’d like to get some planters for my garden along the side wall for veg and maybe salad & herb greens, also strawberries and other things, i’m a bit of an amateur though so learning as i grow.

need to keep our patio clean too, weeds are coming through.

didnt know about the foxglove, thats interesting, i’m just hoping that the person thats been leaving cig butts will stop as it was pretty bad.

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yeah im kind of an amateur myself. this is like my 5th year now tending a garden. just starting to really get into it. at first I just wanted to grow some of my own food but lately I’ve been buying books and learning little secrets as I go. plan on buying a composter soon, have just been buying fertilizer from the garden supply store.

shame about the cigarette buds. people will throw them anywhere. nice of you to clean it up.

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man a composter would be amazing if i knew how to use one, i got these food caddies for my neighbours and 4 people use them and it is the best fertilizer you can get, very rich as it is waste food, if i can mix that with some normal soil it would be amazing but i’d worry about smell and idk how long it would take to break down.

do you know how much it costs for a composter or can i just use a bin? i need to find out,

I wonder if my council could provide us with a composter for free, it would cut down on the collection and disposal of this food waste, it must use fuel for the pick up and whatever they do with it.

My son and I just put some seeds in to start. Jun is when you put stuff outsidehere.We started:

2kinds of peppers
2 kinds of flowers

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idk the last 4 on the list lol, have heard of hyssop but dont know what it is

They’re here for my medicine making. Hyssop is good for coughs, deserves is good for migraine and fevers, angelica has a lot of uses and is a great herb for wounds.

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Thats great, i use to joke about saying i’d like to make my own medicine but you are doing that anyway lol,

I just emailed my councillor and requested a composter bin lol

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I just used a pile to compost.

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we need to protect against rats and vermin, we dont want our garden to be over run, it needs a lid, it’ll have food waste in it so will attract animals/birds etc

i’ll need to get some big juicy worms as well

Vermiposting is supposed to make great soil.

whats that? havent heard of that before

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