My garden was a bust this year

grew some thyme and catnip. mom had some tomatoes going. I lost my watering source, we had a pipe burst?or something that was causing a leak. still haven’t fixed it.

I did a lot of work at the start of the season to put in the raised beds and till the soil for leafy greens. originally the plan was to grow a variety of kale, some cabbage and some lettuce in the garden and have my herbs in the raised beds. I was going to cover the kale with low tunnels and I figured that would keep them healthy through winter, some kale is winter hardy and also sweetens up a bit in the cold. the plan was to not buy any greens from the grocery but grow em all myself.

anyways, at least I still have my raised beds, they are easy to maintain, so that’s less work for next year. over the winter i’ll do some garden planning. usually im optimistic about it in the winter, but really I hate pulling weeds, that’s the worst part.


I will probably put in another raised beds next season exclusively for hot peppers.

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My parents usually try to plant a garden but last year the deer ate all the plants right down to the ground. There’s not much you can do to keep the deer away so this year they planted a container garden on the back porch…tomatoes, cucumbers, hot peppers and bell peppers. It turned out ok so they’ll do it again next year.

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deer are bad in this area of the country also, but for us were sitting in between a creek and a river with a busy road running between us. the deer don’t typically come onto our property. I have seen deer cross water before though

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the good news is my blueberry plants didn’t die off, even though I never amended the soil. im hopeful that i’ll be able to grow my own blueberries. if not my blackberry and raspberry take to the soil and conditions just fine, they’re healthy as can be. eventually i’d like to have about 40 berry bushes, which provide all the frozen berries I need for my smoothie, usually I use 1 cup of berries but sometimes 2 cups. it comes out to 2-3 lbs per week of frozen berries. I prefer them frozen to fresh actually.

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