Thinking about getting an electric bike

just have the notion to get an electric bike :slight_smile:

i think the chicks really dig guys on bikes with leather on lol, (i’ll keep the helmet on though) dont want to spoil it hahah

but yeah i think it be cool scooting about


Thought you were learning to drive? A car would be much safer.

i can drive a car but only under supervision so i’m hoping i might not need the full test but idk the ins and outs of it really and i think if i am careful and i dont take any risks then i think it will be ok

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thanks for that Azley but i was hoping for something a bit meatier like an electric motorbike or something, its hard to know what is good and bad and i havent got a clue about prices, i’m in the uk so i thought it might be cheaper here because we are a bit greener than other places like america, i’d love a hydrogen fuel cell bike that would be awesome i think i’ll look into that just now actually :blush: (damn, there’s no motorbike emoticon) lol

well vespa is the notorious brand…

unfortunately honda doesn’t make those little bike like scooters like they used too… I’ve always wanted one of those… maybe someday just for fun…

as far as everything else goes… I’m enjoying just regular old biking everywhere… otherwise I might be interested in getting on of these faradays if I could ever afford one. Pure Electric… That’d be pretty sweet.

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looks like we only have suzuki scooters here and maybe just for london, i tried to get a map of hydrogen fueling stations here but i couldnt, apparently hydrogen is better than electric :slight_smile: i dont see why we cant run our power stations on it haha that’d be cool, could use it for lots of things really and apparently it is readily available just now.

ah well those look pretty cool… cooler than the vespas with their odd seat… like a moving chair.

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this is the video for the worlds first hydrogen fuel cell scooter-

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this is another youtube video, its a bit quiet in the beginning but i watched it to the end and i found it rather interesting.

i’ve been looking into where to buy one of these and just for a price but i cant find one anywhere lol

damn it i dont think i can get one yet because i wouldnt be able to fill it up, there are no filling stations in my country except in some far off island way up on the coast :frowning: back to the drawing board

Those things are dangerous, especially in heavy traffic. Why don’t you just cut out the middleman and go directly to the Emergency Room today?

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I have an electric bike and its fantastic. They are a little pricy but so cool to ride on

Im too cool lol

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I bought a scooter

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no bc that would be more like self harm and i’m not trying to harm myself, the main problem is the fact that i cant get my full driving license so i will never be able to get a proper car so i thought i could get a low powered scooter/motorcycle