Getting a scooter today

I have a negative opinion about moving at material speeds, and even more so about trying to increase the material speed at which I move, light is not matter and neither are the waves of energy beyond, thus when I see people running or jogging I always feel pity, perhaps it’s because I am so fond of drunken style t’ai ji walking, although I don’t drink.

Anyway, I’ve finally decided to take some steps towards dispelling my paranoia by getting a scooter to learn the roads. It’s all I can afford at the moment, though I hope to graduate to a bicycle and then car. It’s never too late to learn. I am very fond of wheels, and have always been happy with the buses and trains.

So today I will get a scooter if I can manage to get up to the bicycle shop. I hope they sell them, and at a reasonable price. Thank you.


Don’t forget a helmet too.


That should be good exercise! Good thing is ur allowed to use scooter on the pavement I think

So I’ve finally found a scooter I can afford, I’m going to Borehamwood tomorrow to pick it up.

Scooters are safer than motorcycles but you still need a helmet and take precautions.
Also meds might affect your driving ability. Read their labels and side effects.
One of my friends, before my SZ, had a motorcycle accident and his right lung is pierced, he stayed a very long time in the emergency hospital under artificial respiration. I don’t know what happened to him because I was in my 1st psychosis at that time.

Good to hear. I hope it helps you get around better.

I’m not getting a motorized one at the moment, just an adult version of the ones kids use.


Oh lol. Sorry.5335778

May I know why people use these numbers and like 151515.
I never got what they mean lol?

I never knew either. Something to do with number of characters to type I think some might know better than I do.

Ohh I think its when someone uses an incompatible emoticon from their cellphone and the website doesn’t support it.

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Woo hoo! A scooter

Scooters look fun!

So I’ve put off getting a scooter until this virus has passed as I don’t want to get the tube. I’m pleased to note electric scooters are getting the legal go ahead in the UK now.

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So someone donated to me a used scooter that is slightly knackered and doesn’t fold up properly. It will do until I can get a new one.

I’m not very good at riding it, partly because it’s so knackered, but partly because I’m just not very good at it.

I need to practice, but so far I’ve been putting it off, preferring to walk. Still, at least I’ve got one now. Thank you.

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