Thinking about awful stuff

I feel really depressed. Thinking about being bullied when I was younger. Thinking about this time I got beaten up as a teen. Think one of the girls that bullied me was there. What are you meant to do when get these thoughts?

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When it happens to me, I listen to music. That helps.


When I first got psychotic, the past really haunted me. All I could remember was the bad stuff that had happened to me. It was hell.

Try to overcome it, don’t dwell in the past. It’s just a waste of time.


I have memories of being bullied. Don’t think they will ever go away, but at first I hated myself in those moments and now i don’t. Now I feel sorry for younger me. I didn’t deserve to be bullied. The memories still surface but they aren’t as painful now. I think counselling helped me.


Think of other ■■■■. Do work.

Get a really good album ive never heard before that you know must be good and listen to it start to finish thats what helped me once when i got like this

i agree music can help! sometimes i forget to listen


Oh you’re back :hushed:

That exactly the problem I have. I thought I was alone. I just try and think about something else but rarely I actually do.

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