Haunted by bad memories in past

Does anyone think about bad things that have happened to them?

I remember when I was 15 my friend got accused of stealing money. I said it wasn’t fair to accuse her as she wasn’t around to defend herself. The girl gang that were accusing her said for me to meet the girl for a fight. I said I would and went home.

The next day everyone was taking the piss out of me in school. Calling me a chicken. The girl said to meet her for fight and someone told me all her friends were going to attack me.

So to defend myself I went straight for the girl. A few months later I was in town with my friends and her and all her friends attacked me.

It’s a horrible memory. Had black eye. I still have a lump under my eye which I can feel with my finger and when putting goggles on to go swimming.

One of the girls that attacked me was really small and pretty. I admired her in school and used to smile at her before. She just used to look at me like she hated me. When I got attacked she was running around me punching me.

I was thinking about this event today and yesterday.

Teenagers are shitty and hormonal, as a rule.

Thankfully you don’t have to deal with that anymore.

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Sorry you went thru that
And still remember that time
I remember my early life too
It is hard to grow up and move on when you’re still stuck in the past
It’s not like you want to be there either

No I wish I could stop my mind thinking about it.

No I don’t. Good I don’t have to deal with it anymore but still plays on mind.

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I wish too
For me and everyone that feels the same

I’ll never get over it.

I don’t think I will either
And that’s sad because I’m losing what good there may be in front of me
Well not seeing it clearly

They say time will heal anything everything
I’m hoping they’re right
Sorry for playing into your trigger
But I have it to…the past haunting me
I was only being honest
I hope that you find a way to get the bad memories to fade
I hope we all do

I’m sorry to hear that. Hope it gets better for you.

You as well

I see you just joined
Welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for welcome

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