Think I have paranoid schizophrenia

I was in the car (which meant I couldn’t escape) with my mom, and was entirely convinced and freaked out that she was reading my mind. I got so paranoid that I was actually considering hitting her across the head with a large hardcover book I was holding in an attempt to nock her out and stop her from hearing my thoughts. Luckily I didn’t and ended up just letting out a demented giggle.

I imagine to my mom I was staring at her creepily with a weird look on my face and then just started giggling.

I have some other sighes also, like seeing people watching me, or getting so scared that someone was in my house I ended up sitting locked I’m my bedroom with a knife for about an hour.

So, do I have paranoid schizophrenic, or what.

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Seriously I have no idea if this is normal, please help.

Diagnosis means nothing! Main thing is the meds are helping and a combination of meds and talking therapy the brain does repair itself.


How old ru? That is important.

I have the same symptoms. Still get scared that people can read my mind. They can’t though. Just remind yourself every day that they cannot read your mind, they can barely read their own.

When you get anxious/paranoid, focus on your breathing, calm your mind and body down. This has helped me.

I would suggest getting a psychiatrist right away. Holding a knife in your room locked is not normal. I am a paranoid schizophrenic and I used to feel people can read my minds and people watching me.

No one here can diagnose you, but no, this is not normal. You should make an appointment as soon as possible and tell the doctor all this.


See a doctor. It could ba a physical problem aswell as a psychological problem. You need to rule out physical illnesses and see a proffessional about your paranoia. We can’t diagnose you. To have schizophrenia you must have been psychotic for 6 months. Psychotic includes delusions, paranoia and often voices.

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Sounds like schizophrenia to me, considering the mind reading aspect.

You should take yourself to your doctor and tell them.

Yea brother. It’s the schiz


It’s the ■■■■■■■ schiz.

no one here can diagnosis you and its wrong for people who aren’t doctors to try and diagnosis you no matter how alike the symptoms are to their own because honestly we don’t know. I suggest going to a doctor and getting some help.

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Professionals can do the better job of knowing what to look for if you give them answers.
They’re the ones who can most likely save you from this if it’s that distressful.
I know for myself, I often thought and still kinda think, someone is hiding under my bed and waiting…I used to be afraid that I was being judged a lot and people were thinking bad things about me. I would become convinced it was true, the voice in my head wasn’t helping any better in that regard either.
Getting assistance for my problems was the best decision I could’ve made.