Is this normal?

It has recently been brought to my attention by a friend that i could be schizophrenic. I was really upset when I was told this and thought there was no way. But now that I’ve done more research I think it could be a possibility. I keep hearing indistinct whispers or a constant mumble in my head and i keep hearning people knock on my door or windows when theres no one there. I always see shadowy figures that are really scary to me and i always feel like someone is watching me and feel like people are plotting to break in my house and kidnap me. I keep thinking I’m dreaming and nothing seems real. I see things move when it’s a stationary object. Sometimes i hear someone falling on the floor behind me or clapping or touching my neck head or shoulders when theres no one there. Whenever I am able to get sleep, I always wake up in the middle of the night and see and feel thousands of ants crawling all over me and my bed. I don’t use certain shampoos to wash my hair because Im scared someone put acid in them to get some sort of revenge on me. I’ve stopped wanting to hang out with my friends and I just want to be alone and go to the woods by myself. My sister keeps telling me I need to stop being paranoid because I’m always on edge and i made my mom and sister stay in the car before we got out because I thought the people passing us were going to kill us. If I do have a serious issue, I want to fix it and get rid of it but I dont know how. I’m too scared to tell my mom about these things because I think she’ll get mad at me. I’m only 16 so I can’t do anything without a parent to support me. Do I sound like I should confront this or should I just try to ignore it?

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I would tell your Mom, so you guys can go see a psychiatrist and get an evaluation.
No one here can diagnose you.

Please see a doctor.


Definitely see a doctor. No one here is qualified to diagnose you. If you talk to your parents, they can get you the help you need, whether or not you have schizophrenia.


Don’t hold back weather you do have it or not ask for help for your safety and others. You’ll feel better once you get the help you need no matter what your case is.


Please share your original post with a doctor MD - good luck - @loey !


A psychologist or psychiatrist can do an evaluation to determine if you have a condition and what that condition might be.

Don’t be afraid of this condition you’ll be ok. It’s not a death sentence.

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Ask your mom or dad or both to take you to a doctor and get checked out. Either to a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Preferably a psychiatrist. You need to be checked out by a professional so you can be diagnosed and treated. It’s very important.

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These symptoms are very concerning, tell your mom that you feel these things and that you need to talk with your GP and a psychiatrist about this situation. Listen to your doctors and follow their suggestions.

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There is a lot that goes into a diagnosis. Many people with serious MI are often assigned a catch-all diagnosis of anxiety/depression just because of billing purposes.

It would be best to see a professional for many visits before before taking any diagnosis very seriously.

This does not mean you will be refused treatment during that time. They may give a medicine to treat symptoms right away.

As they learn more about the person and the symptoms a diagnosis that is more fitting forms.

If you need the help then go

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I think you should get to a professional ASAP.


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