Think dosage increase might be suppressing my appetite

I just seem to be sticking to a diet a lot better than I normally would. For example I’ve had just two meals today around 450 calories each and now I’m having a pint of larger instead of supper. My target is 1500 calories a day.

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Which med did you increase?

1500 is really low, there’s no way I could just do 1500 long term.

I’m on depixol same as you. Don’t take any other meds. Fell like I could eat but at the same time just not that hungry.

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Am seeing my consultant on Monday. Might ask to up the depixol to 100mg - but if he doesn’t not that bothered.

I’m more or less following my fitness pal, I just don’t log the calories but keep count. According to my fitness pal I’ll lose 2 lbs a week but I think it will be less than that as the weight loss has slowed down for me.

I started losing weight at 2500, then I stopped losing weight, now I’m losing it again at 2350. I’ll keep going like that, i.e. dropping the calorie amount when I stop losing weight. I’m pretty sure dieticians recommend about 2200 for men for weight loss.

Edit: I’m logging everything into my calorie counting app.

I’ve lost about 8 lbs in 3 weeks. I gained this weight mainly from drinking, junk food and stopping exercising after diagnosis. I’d like to get fit again but we will have to see, I have a bit of a flat effect from my meds.

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Well , if it’s working, it’s working!