Lately i have had an increase in appetite

my dieting was going easily for months and now I am eating more yesterday I ate 1900 calories and I’m supposed to stay under 1500 to lose weight, I don’t know why I am getting hungry nothing has really changed but In the middle of the day I keep going to get food and it feels like I stay hungry even right after eating something I lifted weights yesterday and when I weighed myself today I weighed a pound more, I know I didn’t gain a pound of fat it was probably water from eating more and lifting but I am afraid If I keep eating more calories than I am supposed to for my diet that I will stop losing weight

Zyprexa? Gkvkbkb

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no I used to be on Zyprexa I switched to Geodon 3 months ago and my appetite decreased a ton but this week I have just been hungrier than usual maybe it is boredom

It could be. How’s the weather ? That can affect appetite too

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it has been pretty hot lately I never knew weather could affect appetite but the it has been changing some I think I am going to make some changes in my diet to foods that keep u full and for longer

Oh I see. In my case I eat more when it gets colder ,

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Many people are grazers. Just be aware of it and maybe stock your fridge and cuboards with healthy snacks.

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I have been struggling with my appetite for awhile, especially for sugar. I think its the aps. I just keep trying to avoid sugar and I don’t beat myself up (or let the mean man in my head beat me up) when I make a mistake. Like last night I ate 4 ice creams and wanted to kill myself. Now I just keep telling myself today is a new day to try again. And thankfully the ice cream is gone so I’ll just close that chapter and write a healthier story for myself today.

I’ve been struggling too with eating too much. For a while I wasn’t so concerned because I was getting so much exercise and activity. Now that I’m a bit down again and doing nothing, I find myself still overeating. I think my maintenance calorie is 2000ish. Any day that I can eat below that I consider a win lately.

Did your doctor tell you 1500 calories? Because that’s very little for a male who is working out. 1900 actually sounds more reasonable. You don’t want to go too low for too long because your metabolism will slow down.

You can also take a fiber supplement, but consider that you might actually need more calories.

I am constantly Hungry!
Cannot stop eating!
I also am having a very difficult time losing weight.
I’m alway shoving food in my face.
The culprit is Depakote.
It is notorious for making people perpetually Hungry.
I really want to get off of this drug.
She won’t go for it.
Ugh … I can only dream.