Dropping my calories down to 1800 a day

I’ve adjusted the calorie goal in my calorie counting app and now it’s at 1800.

2000 calories isn’t resulting in any more weight loss.

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do this but I’m stuck at this weight forever if I don’t.


Maybe you should do some walking each day @everhopeful.
If you would like to do it when no one can bother you, do it super early in the morning. Nighttime might work, but I think it would be safest at daybreak.


Good luck @everhopeful I think @eighteyedspy23 has a good idea with the walking.


What’s your current BMI ?

And yes, being glued to the couch certainly doesn’t help. The ideal exercise imho is swimming.

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Yes, exercise is probably a good idea. But for now, I don’t want to exercise. I want to do it through diet alone…


It’s impossible to stick to a completely healthy diet when taking Depakote.

I might stop seeing my nutritionist.

I’m now always hungry, even my nutritionist knew of this.

I went from weighing 194 pounds to now weighing 205 pounds after Depakote use.

That’s a gain of 11 pounds in under 2 months.

Oh well.

Good luck @everhopeful

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A handful of hazelnuts makes me feel full and they’re tasty too!


Good luck! You can do it!

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I’ve was on 900 per day for six months. Obviously only recommend under a doctors guidance. I had to stop. Now I’m on about 1000 calories. I’m okay with it, though. My stomach has really shrunk through my illness then surgery. I’m trying to find the right balance too. You have my sympathies and encouragement. It gets easier.

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Maybe I would be able to gain some weight if I ate that much. I think I eat about 1400 a day.

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Do you exercise? Or just calorie count?

I hate calorie counting. But love exercising.

I’ve decided to continue to stick with a healthy diet.
I’m not going to give up that easily.

Even if I just maintain my weight, I’ll consider that a success.


I’m the opposite. I hate exercise but don’t mind calorie counting.

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Ok, this is embarrassing.

I weighed myself this morning and had lost weight. This is after about 5 weeks of no weight loss.

So I’m going to continue eating 2000 calories.

Maybe I scared my subconscious with all that talk of 1800 calories.


If you drop them down anymore or they’ll be nothing left but the toothpick

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Maybe the scale was fighting you. It added a pound every time you walked past it. You got to be the alpha around scales. Otherwise they will take over.


Haha! That’s funny ! :rofl:

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