I barely eat


I can lose a few pounds, that might be nice even. But. Many days im not hungry at all lately. Today i had one piece of bread with feta and softdrink, at lunch. Thats it. No breakfast. No dinner. No snacks. Nothing. Im not ill. I often skip breakfast and dinner. Or have something tiny. Before i used to a lot more. Any thoughts on why this might have changed?

I cant remember the last proper meal really.


Could your meds be causing you to not feel hunger?


Can I borrow your metabolism for about a month? I swear I’ll return it good as new.


This is NOT a safe way to lose weight, and even if it were, it’s not sustainable. Have you discussed your lack of appetite with your pdoc and GP? We all want to lose weight, but we still have to eat enough calories to sustain life.


Is your appetite affected by your mood, @Marian?


Might have something to do with your medications.
Please have it checked out with your doctors.

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@Marian … you need talk to your pdoc… this could be aside effect…

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I don’t have much of an appetite but I always have a meal. I often don’t eat it all though but still I put on a lot of weight. I never eat breakfast though.


Hey, thanks for the responses…

I know it is unhealthy. Since being on AP i ate loads. Now i just forget or i am “meh, dont feel like eating”. Im more active than normal, yesterday i spent all the morning and evening on highly physical work in my house and afternoon at work. Still - no hunger. So weird.

I thought about your comments…it might indeed have to do with all the sad/stressful events these days @louiseg. Im not depressed, but im sad.

I was thinking about the meds comments too. It might be the opposite. I use a bit less meds since a few months. Last weeks i get more feelings, libido, energy. If more AP caused more hunger, can less AP cause a counterreaction of no hunger?

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Maybe just a transition… What med are you taking. I eat too much.
Sounds like a mello way to lose weight. Just don’t feel like it…


I hope so. I dont mind losing a bit of weight, there is a bit of chubbiness to lose, but eventually being able to eat is kind of good. I loved good food!


I think that’s not healthy. You should make an effort and eat something.

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Yes, i know, im trying different things today. They have breakfast DRINKS with healthy things in it. That worked. And then a croissant for lunch.

I also didnt really take the time to eat lately, because im stressed. Taking a moment for that might help.

I did lose 4-5kg. Jeej.