Things you see

does it happen to someone to see things that move but that you know should be still, so strange you make an effort and immediately after you see them still?


I don’t think I see things moving, that aren’t really moving. But I often see things as very crooked. But then, later, it looks straight and perfect.

The other day, I was helping Hubby put up some Ring Alarm door sensors and I kept telling him they were so crooked! But then I realized they looked perfectly even/straight! We got in an argument, because I insisted they were crooked and he insisted they weren’t. But in the end, I was the one in the wrong. :smiley:


it usually doesn’t last long for me because I know it’s stationary and perhaps this makes the difference, it happened today at work to see a machine turned off in motion, but my first reaction is to be seeing a strange thing

sometimes it happens to me as you described i look at an object and i see it moving a little bit while it should be still but after few seconds and focusing on it i find it still and dont move. i am not sure is it visual hallucinations or it happens to normal people. but anyway i dont care about that issue as it doesnt happen frequently and when it happens it doesnt bother me or make me react on it also doesnt affect my life.its minor thing

I wonder too often if a strange experience is normal or not, I wish I was as detached as you