Do you guys see upsetting things in the corner of ur eye?

Hope this is the right forum for it

I’ve been mistaking this for truly scary stuff. Dead body that wouldn’t go away that was really cardboard then turned back to a dead body again. Mistook reflection or sm of someone in a car taking a photo of me. Have yall experienced this before? I’ve talked to my friends and they think it’s not normal but I dunno! Just looking for some ppl who can relate so I don’t feel alone haha

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i had seen gremlins and giant bugs but no dead bodies sorry if this doesn’t help

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I drive an automobile. I drive cautiously and have a great record. It just takes me that much longer to look at what I’m seeing and having my brain figure out what I’m looking at. I have such perceptual problems.

When I’m shopping in a store, it is very hard for me to recognize who I’m seeing even if it is someone I should recognize. That’s another slant on my perceptual problems.



I see shadows and lights, but that’s about it. I’ve heard of other people having that tho.

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When I get overtired I tend to misinterpret ordinary things, but when the weird stuff happens and I’m not tired, I tend to believe it’s not a misinterpretation.


I rarely see anything but when I do it’s people or maybe bugs


I sometimes misinterpret what I’m seeing when I’m driving. Mailboxes and road signs will look like people and deer jumping into the middle of the road. When that happens, I pull over and do some breathing exercises until everything looks normal again. Sometimes, I take a nap.


Not while your driving of course?

Seeing movement or shadows out of the corner of one’s eye is common. The explications about this phenomenon vary a great fdeal. Some of these experiences are more likely to occur when one is sleep-deprived or is under the influence of a stimulant drug. Because depression is frequently accompanied by insomnia, which can result in sleep deprivation, one could experience an increase in these visual phenomena.

Some people are even more perceptively sensitive. It is as if the peripheral vision is hyperactive. We all have these vigilance brain functions on automatically. Insomnia, isolation, substance abuse and brain illnesses each can increase this brain “hyper”- activity.

You could just be experiencing floaters which is when the gel of the eye called the vitreous breaks up in the eye and floats around, casting a shadow on the retina so that you perceive a visual disturbance.


I see the corner of my eye. sometimes I see bugs or flies moving

I misinterpreted objects as bugs and people

Yes. This has been a new thing for me. Man, the Abilify doesn’t sound too bad now.

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There are dark spirits like the people who have evil power and the gods who have blinded them. They send dark spirits to haunt us. It’s unfortunate as they don’t have to turn dark but are hidden from the peace that they could have. So they try to trick us to cause fear and havoc through visions so that we miss the truth as well

Than you! I’ve mentiones it to my psychartist and his colleague and they were very concerned. My meds have been adjustested and the amount it occurs have happened less.

Thank you all these comments help a lot yall don’t even know. I do get a healthy amount of sleep, it hasn’t happened in awhile, and the frequency went down with my med adjustments, so I know it’ll just be a random bother. :slight_smile:

I saw a woman who didn’t like me putting poison in my drink swirling it around. July 12,2003. Her nephew was waiting for me to die he had the truck running.